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  1. Just recently I have noticed that my ABS and ! warning lights will come on occassionally. Does this have something to do with the reluctor rings?
  2. Looking for muffler for 2006 cabrio.
  3. Great pics
  4. Welcome to the club Martin! Post some pics of your smart when you get a chance
  5. Robin Williams found dead at age 63..apparent suicide
  6. I thought Francisco had his replaced in Missiaauga and it was reasonable?
  7. Definitely one of the funniest man in comedy...
  8. Very handsome set Max! You should have given me a call and we could have met for coffee
  9. You're da man Max! OMG! that was one awesome meet and it was great to see everyone. The weather was perfect and the countryside of Prince Edward County was just stunning. Thanks again to Max for all the hard work and the time to map this route out! Max even timed out the train crossing right down to the minute LOL! 😜Noah, Thank you for the hats and representing Mercedes Benz and you did a spectacular job on the find raising! Blair and John
  10. Hey Dom,Sorry to hear about the smart and the accident. I am glad to hear that Marianne is ok. Please say hi to her for me.Blair
  11. My first attempt at Plastidip ...still need to perfect my masking tape skills.
  12. Welcome to the club
  13. Sounds like a great outing as long as it's on a weekend
  14. Hi

    Welcome to the club!
  15. Hey William, You missed your stardom opportunity that day! What if this You Tube video goes viral???? LOL
  16. I sent the organizer an email for update
  17. congratulations Steve! What model did you buy?Blair
  18. Welcome to the club! I also really love the colour as well! I would consider swapping my phat red colours panels with you if you were closer to me
  19. Just signed up for the Rally!
  20. Welcome to the club! What smart do you have?
  21. This happened in Toronto's entertainment district. http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/#!/content/1.2641789
  22. I just changed the oil and filter in the coupe. Currently cleaning the K&N air filter before reinstalling it. Fresh oil is always a good start to a long lasting engine