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  1. My ESP light is on, but my reluctor rings (rear) look OK When I hooked up my scan gauge, It would not register vehicle speed-but all else seems good, like RPM, fuel consumption, temp.....I cant help but wonder if there is a connection ?
  2. WOWThanks, I never returned to the scan gauge posts since I bough mine last spring.My mileage may have also jumped, for I was quite surprised to see I put 37000 k on the car over the summer while also driving my Toyota.......This would explain things.I am going to pull my old email from them, and forward it back with a blast.......I expect them to still question what a non-CAN cable is though......
  3. Sorry Mike for not answering your question.It is an 06 diesel, and my scan gauge worked great with existing cable until the ESP light started. I regularly switched the gauge back an forth between the Toyota and Smart until I parked the Smart when the alternator seized, and never had any issues, I learned to value it very much in both cars, but especially in the Smart, as I average close to 1000k a week for work, school, and kids sports.Also, you said to write them, but when I ordered the gauge, I requested one then, (from info obtained from this site..Thanks, it is a gem) and they replied that they had no idea what I was talking about......Has any one else seen this issue? And sorry if i missed the post, for I have spent many hours reading on this site (a gem) but how is one best able to trouble shoot the ESP?Thanks
  4. Thanks guys Cable should be good, it worked fine last year on the Smart,and still is good in the corolla The ESP light is on when I start the car, then goes out as soon as I start driving then comes back on in a minute or two. At first it would take about 10K to come back on, but this soon shortened up to a minute or so......By sensor, do you mean one of the 4 sensors for the rings? Thanks
  5. Well, I had to move on it, so I ordered a set of Eibachs from anything auto, came to 190 including shipping to a US address, luckily the ex lives in Maine, and my daughter is going to visit in a couple of weeks.Got a new alternator for 355, taxes in, but now I need a battery........But I am looking forward to driving her with the new springs, they will lower her 1 inch......all I need now is a remap
  6. Ha ha, your car sounds just like mine.....Just replaced a seized alternator, and now have broken front coil springs, with the ABS light on. But I sure do love the car, with the little diesel and six speed, it just feels so right!!!!!Both H&R, and Eibachs are on at Tire rack, 187 and 211 respectively, with 65 added for shipping, sounds good to me. My question is for everyone is....Which is the better choice, and is there also duty involved???Thanks
  7. If this method recovers 7/10ths of a liter on a typical engine, what is the quality of the oil being recovered?If it has been vaporized, would it not be beginning to break down and not of a quality that we want to add back to the engine....Just a thought
  8. Having a slow day at work, I was able to read through the full post, all 197 entries.Two questions.1. This post is about removing the oil from the air leaving the rocker cover and keep it from fouling the EGR and intercooler, and the the whole purpose of the cyclone is to reclaim and keep this oil from poluting our wonderful planet as opposed from using the "mother of all catch tanks"....right?2. According to estimates, 7/10ths of a liter of oil is recovered. This part confuses me as this oil would never have been recovered with the stock set up, it would have been passed through the engine with the intake air and burned. Yet with a good running, tight engine, our oil consumption is nowhere near this amount between oil changes....Am I mising something?Thanks
  9. Definately interested in a remap, especially if it can be done in Montreal as I will be driving up from PEI
  10. Hi all,My Dad asked him to check out a Smart for a second car (he drives an F250 diesel).I found a dealer that had two 2006 CDI's on the lot, checked them out, and to make a long story short, became infatuated myself, made a deal with the dealer for both, I am a single parent, full time student (just graduated with a BA in psych), but going on...........I think!!being 50 just means i have to decide quicker I will have lots of questions, as we both do our own work (but my dad does not do the internet), so i will have to ask for him. ThanksRocky
  11. Sorry, surely this is covered, but I cannot find it (I looked extensively too).I need summers, and want rims.What size of tires will fit the oem rims.....can I go a litttle wider, or am I running a risk of buying tires that will not fit the rims?If I buy new rims, should I buy a little wider, I do find my car greatly understeers in low speed cornering (have not pushed the high speed yet). Also, are 16 or 17 inch tires perhaps cheaper due to more availability??Experience taught me on my tercel that wider tires made a huge difference on windy days (not to mention sharp corners)I live in PEI, having trouble finding an outlet for tires and rims here...If I mail order.....any suggestions?Also, do rims from all years fit, or am I stuck to a certain range for my 2006??ThanksRocky