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  1. I just had it at the shop last week and they said they replaced the fuel filter. I drive her every day and never any trouble. I did fill her up at a different gas station (Petro Can) but drove home with no trouble. Just ran the battery over to Canaidan Tire and they said the Battery was good full charge and in great shape. When I turn the key to one I do not hear any sounds.
  2. Hi allI live in Okotoks Alberta and we just had 3 days of rain. When I went out to drive to work my 2005 smart diesel would not start? Everything else works. I get in turn the key to one glowplugs come on when they go off I turn the key and she trys to start. She trys for about 30 secs and then nothing? Is there someway I can fix this. I just had her into the dealership last week for a full tune up ( cost $401.00) and they said all is great. I had a look at the engine and I did notice that one of the wires going to the far left glow plug was lose so I pushed it in till it clicked. Sadly this did not fix the problem. Help !