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  1. We will not be making the trip this year, we gave the Smart car to my step-daughter and we got a new Fiat 500...looked very hard at another Smart car. Thought we could snag the car from her for the trip but work has gotten in the way and she likes it a lot more than she would admit.Everyone have fun!
  2. Is it safe to assume the mystery starting location will be within a 1 hour drive of Hamilton? I am going to start looking for accommodations in Hamilton...
  3. 5th Annual Smart car Mystery Run sign up1 - Leadwing & Spike2 - jwight3 - FlossyTheSmart4 - Adelaide J5 - Bill and Shirley6 - Christie and Jeff7 - Amy and Don8 - James and Yuqi - the date is too far out, but I think we can make it.9 - Michael10 - Britney and Potential Guest11 - stickman007 - I will be in GTA area during that week, too far to be absolutely sure, but I'm planning to make it12 - Adele2cats13 - Bill in Darwin14 - William15 - FastFraser Dan & Pam16 -Mark17- Tom & Sherry (IGTSMRT)18-19-20-
  4. 1) jwight +1, 2 nights2) huronlad, 2 nights3) Adelaide J +1, 2 nights4) igtsmrt +1 - no room needed5)
  5. We will be there and we can help with planning.Tom & Sherry
  6. Hi All! We just wanted to add that we had a great time with all of you! Hope to do it again next year!! We crossed the border with two Electric Smarts in Sarnia! We will post pictures soon! Tom and Sherry
  7. Just got in, head to the harbor later...see you around 4pm. (Car needs a bath after Pelee Island)
  8. We will be meeting you at the Tim's in Hamilton.
  9. Can not wait!We will be up Friday afternoon, we are spending Wednesday and Thursday on Pelee Island and taking the ferry over Friday morning.See you then.
  10. For those of us from the 'states' that be the Tim's at HWY #20 and Barton St. and Tim's at Glendale Ave and Tremont Dr. correct?
  11. Thanks for putting this together John, wish the weather would have been better, but there is always next year. Who all will we see in Hamilton for the Mystery Run this year?
  12. We have been waiting since last year to do this again!Sign up list for the Mystery Run ( Please be sure to add your name below if you are going to stay for the buffet and prizes after the run smile.gif1) Shirley & Catherine in Titan2) Amy & Ed in Tiggre3) Toni & Sofia4) William in Labeeba5) Andrew and Becca in Bessy6) John7) Ron & Dot in Bruised (or Silverwing, depending on weather)8) Max in Flossy9) Mathieu, possibly Mariam10) Tom & Sherry in IGTSMRTSign up list for the dinner:1) Shirley and Bill2) Dave and Catherine3) Amy and Ed4) Toni and Sofia5) John6) Max7) Ron & Dot8) Tom & Sherry
  13. So is there a trip to Wilson's planned while in Findlay? Here's a little about Wilson's.
  14. Picture from the ice cream stop. (I seem to have a lot of pic of car parts, stickers and custom things for future ideas and Elvis!)