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  1. Thanks Leadwing! I got the front brakes replaced yesterday at a local mechanic shop. Set of Wagner thermo quiet costed $280 tax in. Compare that to $520+tax quoted from MB…
  2. Hey Leadwing! Thanks for the recommendations! I never thought of Active Green + Ross. I'll give them a call. Garfield ended up fading in colour and started peeling at some of the edges. So we tore him off and replaced him with angry bird!
  3. Hi all it's been forever since I last logged on! We even have changed our decals from Garfield to Angry Birds. Alas, the car has only about 52,000km (451 from 2011). The front brakes need some work. The rotors are warped, and the calipers stick a bit. Anyone else experiencing similar situation? Can someone please recommend a mechanic to replace rotors, pads and possibly the calipers too? Also bleed/flush replace the brake fluid. Looking for someone who might be in the Markham/Richmond Hill or Scarborough areas. Roughly how much should I budget for this? Not really wanting to overpay having the dealership do the work. Thanks in advance, James
  4. Thanks guys. I know that MB has an affiliated body shop in Markham, fairly close. Not sure if anyone has dealt with them before
  5. Hi Gang, Hope everyone's keeping well. We've been extremely busy with work and haven't had much interactions here. Unfortunately, my wife got into a minor fender bender yesterday, and the car's bumper got a little dent and a few plastic parts broke (I.e. the latch for the front cover plate). Is there any reputable body shops around that provides reasonably priced repairs for smartcars or is the MB affiliated body shop our only option? Thank you all very much for your suggestions in advance! James
  6. ah, Burlington for us is 80+ clicks for us. I'll try the Maple store next time. Heard good things about it from a coworker... but then again, she drives a C, and is quite a looker
  7. Same terrible experience. Sometimes you just have to make some noise to be heard. Our car had seized front calipers that fail to return to home position. anytime it's driven, there is a sq ueeling noise. MB Markham failed to even try to diagnose it on multiple occasions, siting that brakes are wear and tear item not covered by warranty. First of all, I understand the pads are wear and tear, but seized calipers? Secondly, I don't care if it's warranty or not, just get the problem fixed! This problem is causing 10+L/100km, a lot of noise while driving, and can be a road hazard. I ended up taking the car to my TDI mechanic to get fixed. A pretty dealership is only a facade, the lack of care is what lies underneath. If this is what MB's brand stands for, I'm very disappointed.
  8. Haha yeah, it was in at MB Markham. unfortunately, it was in for repairs. We've been having less than stellar experience with the reliability of the car... had the evap valve replaced, as well as new alternator and new belts which were failing after under 30k on the odo. also no one at the dealership is able to hear the squealing brakes...I suspect that the brake pad has been rubbing on the rotor from day one LOL
  9. When we got the car, we bought winter rims from the dealership. I got them to price match with Canadian Tire Can't remember how much exactly, something in the $70 range.
  10. Noobie question: how long does it take for a full charge using level 1 charger?
  11. Hi all, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm very curious about the maintenance of the electric drive... the motor has sealed/permanently lubricated bearing. There is no gear box. What exactly needs service? seems to me that requires any service would be as needed (I.e. repairs, not maintenance). So does the warranty actually stipulate periodic service? Sounds like a money grab to me. Also something that's keeping me from getting one... not like our gas model costs less to maintain lol
  12. Hey looks like we can make it to the Saturday run!James + YuqiIn the Garfield car.Falcon_1898Max, please add us to the list!
  13. Doh! How did I miss that Well that changes things a bit....
  14. Thanks for organizing this year's event, Max!Awesome job on getting support from smart Canada.Does this run span 2 days? (I.e. both Saturday and Sunday)I still can't confirm yet. Probability that we'd make it is less than 50%.
  15. Thanks all for the fast replies. @ Huronlad: that's sound advise. I'll take a video tomorrow, and hopefully be able to convince the dealership to take a look at it. The dash indicates "R" when the shifter is in reverse, but the lights don't come on. This is intermittent, although 99% they don't come on any more.@Ruadh: we got the faulty switch replaced... I suspect that there was some moisture that froze the switch. The stuck shifter happened twice, each time being when the car parked outside and the temperature fell below -20C. In warmer weather, it worked fine. When I brought this to MB's attention, their response was, of course, "no no, it can't be. Our cars are designed for Canadian winters." Luckily the car was stuck in the driveway. Had it been stuck outside, I think I'd miss more than just work...@ tolsen: the cars in Canada have 2 reverse lights (no rear fog light). The bulbs are both fine - I checked already. If it's a contact issue, it must be further upstream. Or it could be a control module/relay/software issue???By the way, do smart cars have any diagnostic tools that can scan control modules (like VCDS for VWs)? Would this be caught as an error in some control module?