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  1. Yes, Blair, this picture is taken with my cell phoene. Quality isn't all that great. The iPhone's picture quality is much better - see Andrew's pics. Next time I'll bring a real camera.A big thanks to Andrew for.that amazing video! Now we have something to show our family.and friends! One thing though: would it be possible to download the video somehow? I would also like to request consent to re-post it on another website to shoe my wife's parents and friends. As they are in China, YouTube isn't accessible.We have a couple more.photos on out phone, and will post them shortlyJames
  2. Thanks for the good time, guys!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the update and map!
  4. awesome! This is actually very close to where I used to live! :DCan't wait to meet you guys, but too bad my wife has some engineering training program and won't be able to join the fun.
  5. These couple of days, we've been searching for some winter tires and steel rims for...well, winter.I've searched the forums, but couldn't find much relevant information on this:Do all smart cars come with TPMS? I recall on the courtesy car (passion) we had a couple of weeks ago, there is a TPMS light/indicator in the centre console area, in the same row of buttons for the heated seats, door locks, and fog lamps.On our car (pure), I don't see any sort of indicator anywhere, but was told by the parts associate at the dealership that all smart cars have TPMS, and that's why the winter tire/rim packages cost about $1,500.So, is he right about this one?I personally don't see much need for TPMS, and would try my best to be as economical as possible with winter tires.The next question is: if I buy the rims from MB dealership, and tires from elsewhere, will standard valve stems fit the smart steel rims? We are still looking for an affordable source for winter tires/rims. I've been onto tirerack.com, but they are in the states, and shipping is prohibitively expensive. The same also applies for Flying Tiger, which is located in the Prairies. Does anyone know a good place locally (Toronto)?James
  6. Interesting input!So the regular valve stems would do then. I didn't want to shell out that money for TPMS anyway
  7. The seat covers and vinyl stickers that we ordered finally came in yesterday. Just wanted to share the new look of our smart with everybody There was another thread talking about seat covers, in which some of the fellow members were interested in getting some custom-made. Well, the ones that we got from a friend seem to be ok, if anyone's interested. There are provisions for the seat belt support and also for the side airbag. The material resembles the mesh-like textile on some of the backpacks. Anyway, see for yourselves. They are a bit wrinkly at the moment, probably due to the shipping. And as promised, if anyone is interested in getting some, I can see if our friend can make some additional ones.
  8. PM sent!If anyone else is interested, please let me know. Maybe we can even get a discount on shipping if we order something together.
  9. Are there any discounted parking lots in Ottawa like in Toronto? It only costs $5 a day - cheaper than taking transit
  10. With Saturday fast approaching, have we decided on the activities yet?
  11. Hey Blair, How was your vacation? Sorry for the delay, but I've been swamped with work lately.WRT the decals, the guy gave me a few pictures for examples of what he has - probably grabbed off some website lol.Is it against forum rules to post them here? I don't want to make this into an advertisement thread
  12. Ah, just the tires and rims we are looking for. How much are you asking for, and can we take a look tomorrow?ThanksJames
  13. Hey Blair, This is what I found from TDI club forums on bio-diesel in Ontario. My other car is a '09 Jetta TDI, but VW doesn't want people running anything more than B5 on the new CR engines, so I never bothered with bio. Ontario (Canada) STOHO'S (B50) 1001 Queen Street E. @ Pape Avenue Toronto, ON Canada Truck Town Terminals in Milton Ontario is now selling B20. They're on the east edge of town, just north of the 401 Lougheed's BioDiesel and Georgian Biofuels Canada. P.O.Box 939 Owen Sound Ontario, Canada, N4K 6H6 Phone:519-376-1586 Fax:519-376-1589 lougheedfisherieslimited@hotmail.com http:users.sitewaves.comlougheed Biodiesel In The City Of Barrie 50 Fairview Road Barrie, On Opposite Mandarin (fairview & Little Ave.) Hwy.400 & Essa Wixom Road Just north of 96. Across from the Ford plant there is a gas station that does B5 Ontario There Is Now Biodiesel In The City Of Barrie 50 Fairview Road Barrie, On Opposite Mandarin (fairview & Little Ave.) Hwy.400 & Essa Truck Town Terminals – B100 in Jerry cans and B50 at the pump Steeles Ave east of the James Snow Parkway Milton, Ontario Ottawa (Canada) Topia Green Stop - B10, B20 1621 Woodward Street, K2C OP9 613-722-0660 Ottawa, Ontario http:www.topiaenergy.comconditioner.asp Here is a link to the forum page:Bio diesel by states and provinces
  14. We're looking for some winters for our new smart. Can you please provide a bit more detail on the tires?
  15. Hi BlairAs far as decals are concerned, I know that he has quite a selection. It took us a while to make up our mind at what to get :DIs there any type in particular that you are looking for? Cheers and have a nice long weekend!James
  16. It's from the same friend of ours who supplied our seat covers! :)But we've gotta get better handling during shipping, because the ones we received were folded and have huge creases that make them so difficult to apply...Let me see what else he has, and next time when he sends something, we could add to the parcel something for you too.
  17. Yikes! That's terrible!
  18. Doh! So that's why the new cars have PRND shifts eh? I have always wondered what people are talking about when they say there is no park on the transmission. So, is the park on the new cars really park? ie locked gears?
  19. Oh no, sorry to hear about your accident. Fortunately you are not hurt.The whole purpose of having ABS is to avoid the lock-up, isn't it? If the wheels still locks up, then I think you could call that a failure of some kind.
  20. We, too, tensed the electric smart a couple of weeks ago. I personally find that it's not as fun as the ICE version, and feels rather anemic. Now, it is electric, so it will drive differently. My wife love it. In either case, the range on it really limits its use to daily commuting. For weekend get aways, it just wouldn't suffice.Hopefully better energy storage technology will change this in the future.
  21. Well, it was sort of a gift and all we paid is the shipping, so I don't really know what they would sell for, but I'll ask.One thing I find with these seat covers is that they are not the stretch fit types of some of the covers out there...and the air bag holes could be a bit bigger. So I'll definitely let my friend know if he can make them bigger.Anyway, isn't there a get together happening sometime in the near future in Toronto? We will try to go, so Blair, if you are going, you can take a look for yourself if it's right for you.Bil, it's unfortunate that you are not in Toronto, otherwise you can take a look too. I guess we can wait for Blair for a second opinion on the seat covers. I hope you are not in a hurry.James
  22. Just received the seat covers and some vinyl stickers yesterday. I'll take some photos tonight and post them up.
  23. We got our pure sound edition about a month ago, and I noticed something acting up with the navigation/audio system.When playing a disc, no matter CD, DVD or MP3 files on a disc, the display would freeze up. The music still plays, but the interface gets stuck...Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? Is there anyway that one could reset the system?If not, then I guess we'll have to take it into the dealership to get it fixed.CheersJames
  24. So, after a week sitting at the dealership, they finally gave up.They did manage to fix the display problem, but they also managed to paralyze the navigation system.In the end, they've decided to order a replacement unit ...just like how I told them to do in the first place.Sigh...