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  1. I actually live just outside of Chicago in Schaumburg Illinois. Just over a 1000 smart 450s were federalized for U S roads by GnK of California as far as I know none were diesel all were .7 turbo.
  2. Bil,I actually live in Schaumburg Illinois just outside of Chicago. Not too many 450s around here.
  3. Hi Every 1, I fell in love with smart 450s after seeing one on line last year and now own a 2003 cabrio and also purchase a 2006 coupe for my daughter. I saw on eBay a cruise factory cruise control stalk that I would like to use for my cabrio, but seller said I would need smart tech to program vehicle. I have installed both pods on my cabrio with out any problems, is this next endeavor much tougher? Thanks, JV