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  1. That's true! One day hopefully they'll have a simple card that you can do everything with - debit, credit, ID, unlock house/car.
  2. Thanks Leadwing, I never knew most of that.
  3. I used to own a smart car, but it's been quite awhile. I am working on a social research paper for a class and I chose an object (smart car key) in which I need to discuss its familial relations and continue on to social theory related to "things". My question is: I'm in the initial stages and I need to find out the functions of the smart car key. I remember it had some security features, but what are they? If I recall correctly, when I unlocked the car, if I didn't start it right away, then tried to start it after a few minutes, it wouldn't start as a security feature until I locked or unlocked the doors again. Am I correct? Are there any other security features of the key? If you happen to have any other articles related to the smart car key at all, I'd greatly appreciate the link! Thank you very much!!
  4. That's pretty cool. I wonder how often someone goes up to it and attempts to pull it.
  5. You guys aren't the only the "Ville de Montréal" has done a horrible job too... i think its still snowing out there and we probably have about 2 feet of snow by now.
  6. Well its been awhile since I've been on here. I sold my smart car almost a year ago now, but I will still be operating under the same username on this site even though its a little bit contradictory. I don't need a car after moving to Montreal. I saw the Velomobile on MSN autos a few days ago. Now this is a cool car and the company is headquartered in Toronto. And it starts at under 9k (not incl taxes). This little thing makes me want to get a car again. Any of you folks from Toronto seen any Velomobiles around the city?
  7. I wonder if he's actually expecting to sell it for that much. Its ridiculous.
  8. The last thing we also need on the road is another goddamn truck.I hate these stupid things: ____/ _____| | O O
  9. Thats exactly what you have to do to get good service, and respectable people at a Mercedes dealer.
  10. Maybe just rent a cheap encomy car for like $40 or whatever the price is, instead of a smart if its just once every few months or so.
  11. Yea, I have that on my insurance now.. but only if there's $500 damage to the car, so that doesn't apply to flat tires.
  12. I'm just curious, who was PRB? And what did he do to make you guys not like him? I'm guessing that he was around here before my time.
  13. I always read posts about people talking about problems with their smart, and they get a loaner car. Or even when they take their smart in for a service, and they get a loaner car. I've been in big problems when I couldn't drive my smart and I desperately need a car, and a loaner car? Well according to the dealer, thats definetly out of the question because I'm a smart customer, not a Mercedes customer. At Hyatt in Calgary, only people that purchase a Mercedes can have a loaner vehicle. People that purchase smart cars are ****ed over. Is this the norm at all dealerships in Canada? Because I'm really getting sick of this.
  14. Thats what I've been thinking for awhile now. I'm almost ready to go in for another servicing, but I'm dreading it already. I hate going into the MB dealer so much, I always get to deal with the people there that have a snotty attitude. I feel sick after leaving! Or when I'm sitting there in the TV room waiting for the car to get finshed, when there's a bunch of 40 or 50 year old men sitting there, staring at me, and thinking, "what the hell do you drive that you would be sitting in the waiting room of an Mercedes dealer" (I'm 20, and look young). Don't get me wrong, MB is a great company and I love most of their cars.. so my perspective of them hasn't really changed since the smart came to Canada. I just wish that the smart could be sold in Canada through a separate company, other than Mercedes-Benz. Like in the US.. they'll be sold there under United Auto Group (I think). Why can't they do something like that in Canada?