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  1. vinyl wraps are pretty easy, and not permanent
  2. Heh... my father in law bought one like that for his Harley... we parked my smart in there just for giggles and it fit perfectly
  3. I've driven mine in several Saskatchewan winters, never had any issues. The first winter I had it I drove it on the summer tires it came with and thought it got around just fine. I've since gone with the Vredestein Quatrac 3s and just use them all year round.
  4. Ok, so the owners manual says TP will mute your radio. That's all it says. Of course, it doesn't actually mute your radio if I can listen to one radio station... I looked on the web, seeing as how the owner's manual really says diddly squat about the radio, and it looks like it has something to do with listening to traffic reports, but it only works in Europe.
  5. Yes, TP did it. Odd that it would play that one station but no others. And I checked AM and I could listen to any AM station I wanted just fine, but with TP on, just the one FM station worked. French car and it likes that French station I guess...
  6. Hey Bil, I don't think I've tried AM... FM is what's been giving me grief. I so seldom listen to the radio that I keep forgetting to try find any information about this. Pretty sure I've only ever had one CD in too I pretty much always use the AUX port but once in a while I want the radio...dmoonen... maybe I'll try your method Sounds like it's just like fixing a computer
  7. So, I was wondering if there's something wrong with my radio or if I'm just doing something wrong. I tried to take my wife to a drive-in movie a couple years back in the smart and couldn't get the station to stay put even by manually tuning it, ended up leaving because the only way to hear the movie was to re-tune it every 10 seconds. I THINK I've listened to the radio since then on normal FM stations and it was fine but I've tried recently to listen to the radio and it will not stay on any station except one that is French and plays music that is very much not to my taste. Everything else skips after a few seconds. It sounds fine while it's on the station but seems to decide the signal is too weak and moves on. Not a big fan of machines making decisions like that for me... Anyhow... thoughts from anyone on what I am doing wrong? It's the stock Grundig in a 2006 Pulse. Thanks
  8. Right. My car didn't come with one either. A friend of mine ordered one of the ones that clip into the back of the radio before he actually discovered he had one (in his Pure). So he gave me his and I just ran the wire into the slide out tray and keep it coiled up in there.
  9. No cruise or remap, though I'd love both... maybe in August I'll get looking for at least the remap. I have extended warranty until then and didn't want to mess too much with things before that's up. Thanks for the heads up on the recall.
  10. [good to know. I'll steal the wife's car for a week and take it in....or a month... the dealership here won't do an oil change without booking it at least a month ahead :/
  11. Um...no... I've had it in to be serviced and I had the AC replaced this winter (I was heading to Alabama with it) which they did for free. I assumed they did recalls like when I worked as a service writer at Ford, car comes in, run VIN, look for recalls, advise customer. Maybe that's not the case with smart? Regardless, I should take it in and see what they'll do for me.
  12. My experience is that rescuers probably won't be able to open the door whether it's locked or not. Most everyone who tries to open the door on my car just ends up standing there looking at me in a sort of pained way, like I've done something mean to them. I LOVE my car but the door handle design was definitely not well thought out. As a matter of fact, I need to get my passenger one fixed as I think the cable snapped or something, not that it makes much difference, I usually have to open the passenger side from inside anyway because no one can open the door. The door handles alone are like an antitheft device.
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. Hah... that's sort of representative of how I felt when I thought I would have to start looking for another one.
  15. Huh.. yeah... your's doesn't look so bad at all. I got news yesterday that they were fixing mine, I was very surprised. Mine only has a little over 80k, but still, I figured it was going to be written off for sure. I guess it's just because I am used to people undervaluing smarts and thinking they are little disposable cars.