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  1. I signed up several weeks ago but do not see my name on the list. Be sure to count us inLarry & Mary Smith
  2. We're staying Friday night at the Quality in London - on our way to Hamilton on SaturdayAny plans for Friday evening?Larry & mary SmithSign-up List1. Bill (smartnhappy) with the Canada1 Smart car2. Liz & Glenn (Lilbit, smart142)3. John (jwight)4. Ken (KKSMART05)5. Dot & Ron (Spike, Leadwing)6. Ian Jay7. James & Dawn8. Danny9. Gordon (driving CHOCULA)10. Dave & Lu (TANK)11. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)12. Don & Janet (DieselDon & A1karaoke) {tentative}13. jp14. big mike?15. Natalie (smrtpntz)16. Larry & mary Smith17.18.19.