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Found 18 results

  1. Hey folks! New member and Smart driver here. I got my 2006 Fortwo in May (Diesel engine) so it will be my first winter driving him. Any tips? I have winters (Continentals on the front, Blizzaks on the rears) that I'm getting put on this weekend (along with an oil change). I plan on driving automatic, and I come from driving a 2003 Cadillac Seville (a wee bit of a size difference!). The Caddy was a tank in the snow and I was never worried about driving it in the winter, no matter the weather. I'm not as confident with the Smarty so please, ease my mind! I'm located in Ottawa and we had a lot of accumulation last year. Specific questions: How do they handle in heavy snow? On ice? On snowy, icy hills? What the heck are glow plugs and what does that mean for starting it? (I know, super basic. Bear with me.) Do I need to plug it in in the winter for it to start? And really, anything else you can think of that I haven't! Thanks everyone!
  2. 2009 Smart passion Coupe Black with silver 84000kms Great condition $5000 Ottawa Heated leather, paddle shift, pano roof, winter wheels, tires and mats. Just had new front pads and rotors and had front springs replaced. Further photos available upon request. Contact Jon - 613 277 2935 or
  3. Hi everyone, Our last meet up was mid-September, and at the time, many of us said we should do it again. Let's give it a shot then! Last time we met up on a Saturday, which seemed to end up with a good turn out (8 cars!), so I'd say let's try that again. I've proposed two dates in the poll above, November 29th and December 6th. Before we start a sign-up, we can see which day works best. I've allowed multiple choice, so if only one day works for you, vote for that. If both work, select both and vote that way. We can look at the results in a week or something and go with the day that works for the most people. Last time we just did dinner. Poll options cover whether we want to do dinner again, something else, or both. If dinner, suggestions would be welcome!
  4. Rather than just sorta saying "Hey, we should do a meet or something around Ottawa", let's actually try to figure something out. A dinner meet is easy to organize, and doesn't require a lot of effort to put together, so let's try to do one of these, then maybe we can organize a little cruise-around while eating, or later. I'll just throw out a location suggestion of Montana's in the Kanata Centrum (140 Earl Grey Dr). Of course there are other restaurants there too, so if we want to try something different, we could change. Would next Wednesday work for people (September 10th), 6PM? Input welcome, just trying to get something off the ground! EDIT: Note that the date has shuffled around. It is Saturday, September 13th, 6PM now.
  5. I purchased my 2006 Grandstyle in September 2013. Almost immediately, I learnt about, and VERY quickly after that was informed about "Troy". Apparently he was a guy who specialized in Smarts in the Ottawa area. As I spent more time on the forums, I learnt that Troy used to work for Star Motors and now has his own shop and vehicle sales business in south Ottawa (Winchester, On to be exact). Everyone spoke about this guy like he was some sort of prodigy with Smart cars.'s because he is. Well, maybe not a prodigy, but he definitely has an affinity for Smarts and knows a heap about them. So, when my car started having some issues, who better to connect with than Troy. I fired him a couple of questions by email, we spoke back and forth over the next few days and even weeks and planned to have me stop in at his shop to give my car to do a once over and do some baseline maintenance so I knew when it had last been done since I didn't have complete detailed records. I showed up at Troy's shop (Akcent Motors) on Saturday Dec 21, 2013 and I immediately felt important because I was his only appointment for the day (except for a Smart that had blown a head gasket which he was working on). Troy went through my car looking for any issues, all while working away at the starting issue I'd been having. All along the way, Troy took the time to show me and explain to me what every part was and what I could do to make future maintenance easier/faster, as well as tips and tricks on doing my own maintenance. He had absolutely no benefit in giving me this knowledge as it took plenty of his time, and will technically reduce the amount of work coming to him since I feel confident in doing most of it myself now. We found out that one of my brakes were ceased and the rotor was toast, so I got 2 new rotors and new brakes, new belts, and a fuel filter. The starting issue seems to be with my alternator, but unfortunately we weren't able to source an alternator on a Saturday in very rural Ottawa, so I've gotta order one. Now that Troy took the time with me, I'm going to attempt to replace the alternator myself over Christmas (as soon as I can get one in). So, long story short, Troy is a fantastic, friendly guy, does excellent work at very reasonable rates and brings an outstanding knowledge of Smarts. I can't recommend him enough for everything he's done for me and for my Smart. There's a reason why everyone around Ottawa talks about Troy. Trust's where you want to go. If you need a great mechanic, even if you're not in the general's worth the trip. Unquestionably... Troy 12032 Dawley Drive, Winchester, Ontario K0C 2K0 Bus: (613) 774-0718 Fax: (613) 774-4465 Toll Free: 1-877-774-1412 ***A Helpful Note*** - Based on the time I spent in his shop, his phone was ringing off the hook. If it's not an emergency, I highly recommend contacting Troy by email. He responded to all of my emails in less than 24 hours, more often than not within just a couple of hours. This allows him to focus on the work (the fun stuff). If you have any questions, I'm happy to share anything else I can. I owe this shout out to the time Troy took to help me learn about my car. Thanks for listening!
  6. Hello everyone. Club Smart Car has provided a great deal of positive influence to my business and I would like to say thank you. I am going to host a BBQ for Smart owners, customers, friends and fellow members on Saturday July 12th. I will be at the shop all day but will start the BBQ at noon until 3 or 4pm. We will have free hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks.I would like to ask for anyone interested in attending please let me know so that I can be sure to accommodate the proper number of people. Also if anyone attending would like veggie burgers or non gluten buns please let me know so I can accommodate you too. Spread the word but make sure I get a head count. I can be reached:Here on CSCwww.troywilsonautomotive.comservice@troywilsonautomotive.comcall or text 613-558-4742or on Facebook Troy Wilson Automotive. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Troy
  7. So, I drive in daily from Carleton Place for work at 7am. I usually take Hazeldean to Robertson and I keep running into someone driving a black Smart 451 with a Sens logo in the rear window. I'm the guy driving the green 450 that keeps passing you between Carp Rd and Terry Fox. This morning we kept passing each other in traffic.Just curious if you're on the forums? I think it's neat...I'm still a new owner so I think it's funny and so does my wife.Thanks!
  8. Here's another chance for getting together and share our interest in the little car! This one takes place at the Hazeldean mall, Kanata on tuesday, Aug 6th. We can assemble east of the parking lot near the traffic lights around 5:30pm and drive-in as a group in the show area. If mother nature is not cooperating, we can meet the following day, wednesday, August 7th at the Rideau Carleton Raceway, same routine as the last time we were there. Please, feel free to comment and let us know who wishes to attend.Mario
  9. Here's another chance for getting together and share our interest in the little car! This one takes place at the Hazeldean mall, Kanata on July 9th. We can meet around 5:30pm at the north end of the parking lot and drive-in as a group in the show area. Please, feel free to comment and let us know who wishes to attend.Mario
  10. I would like to organize a get together for our fellow Ottawa Smart owners. I thought it would be cool to assemble for a cruise night at the Rideau Carleton Raceway cruise night. This takes place every wednesday night starting around 5pm. The first meet could take place as early as June 19th. I suggests we meet in the front of the parking lot adjacent to the main road and then we proceed to the car show area as a group to ensure we are all parked together. If you have to rush right from work to make it, no worries, the RCR serves a decent buffet! If you are interested please feel free to comment and add any other ideas you would like to share. Thanks... Mario
  11. Just got a call (? Normally they send a postcard) saying I was invited to the smart BBQ at Star Motors. It's this Thursday (May 9th), from 5:30 - ?? (I believe it was 7:30, but it doesn't really matter). No details were given about whether there would be a parts counter discount like there has been in the past.I may or may not go, depending on if there are other club members going. We'll see.
  12. Hello everyone. I have recently aquired a 2006 smart. This car has been deemed salvage twice and is not road worthy. I am going to disassemble it and part it out. If anyone needs anything feel free to get in touch with me. All 3 injectors are failed and I suspect the high pressure pump is no good either. This car had a large amount of alcohol based fuel antigel added to it and it also had water in the fuel which caused the injectors to fail. Talk to you soonTroy
  13. Anyone knows of any wreckers that have Smarts? I have a 2009 Pure, and I am considering the possibility of small upgrades if there are parts available in the area.
  14. Just introducing a few pics of my new baby If there are Ottawa events in the future, I'll try to join!
  15. Hi guys, Just wanted to give you a head's up that Ottawa now has an alternative to going to the dealership for Smart and MB related service. Klein Autowerks - 5340 Canotek Rd, Ottawa, Ontario613-747-6666kleinautowerks@gmail.comChris Klein - Owner and operator is a former technician @ Ogilvie Motors and has worked extensively on Smart's (Both the 450 Diesels and the 451 Gas models)He also worked at Mark Motors and is very familiar with Porsche and Audi. I am not associated with Klein Autowerks but thought it would be important to promote that there is now an independent alternative to the dealership!!
  16. I'm looking into buying a significant quantity of ASTM-certified B100 from a supplier in Montreal. Ideally, I would be buying it in 1000L totes and bringing those back to my place in Kemptville. I have the ability to transport the large totes, and I also have the space to store them, and would look into different means of distributing the fuel. I don't have the time or means to operate a 'gas station' so any fuel distribution would have to be a sort of 'by appointment' thing. I work in Kanata so distributing small amounts of fuel from there would be workable.As I write the supplier, I need to have a ballpark idea of how much fuel I could potentially 'move', the advantage being that if I can buy a large quantity of fuel in one shot, I can minimize the cost of transportation, and hopefully get a better price for the fuel itself. For 'my' own use, I can buy about 2400L of fuel and use most of it over the course of the summer.My questions to everyone are the following:Would you:-Buy B100 if it was a few cents cheaper than 'pump' fuel?-Buy B100 if it was the same price as 'pump' fuel?-Buy B100 if it was a few cents more expensive than 'pump' fuel?Your preferred method of buying it would be:-Make an appointment, drive to Kemptville, 'fill up' (the car, jerry cans, etc), and pay for fuel used.-Have a 'large unit' of fuel delivered to your house (a 120L barrel, for example), and pay a fixed price that includes a deposit on the barrel and a small delivery charge.-Drive to Kemptville/Kanata and buy one or several 'small unit(s)' of fuel (a 20L jerry can, for example), pay a fixed price that includes a deposit on the jerry can, but no delivery charge.-Order a minimum amount of fuel (100L or more), and have it delivered to your place, and pumped directly into your own means of storage (jerry cans, barrels, oil tanks, etc), and pay for the metered amount of fuel delivered plus a small delivery charge.And finally:-Worst case scenario, (B100 more expensive than 'pump' fuel), how much would you be willing to buy?-Best case scenario (B100 cheaper than 'pump' fuel), how much would you be willing to buy?
  17. Im thinking of driving up to check it out...anybody else from around going?
  18. Just got a letter from Star about the 2011 smart owners BBQ. This year it is June 14th.As usual, the parts department will be open, and you won't have to pay HST.They are looking for an RSVP to info@starmotors.caI'll be there!