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Found 2 results

  1. Transmission has shaky acceleration from standstill, smoothes out once I reach about 10km/h. Also has rough downshifts on deceleration, and yesterday I had an issue where the car would not engage in gear after startup, I put it in drive and there were a ton of clicking from the clutch actuator and the car started to creep in reverse despite being put in drive. Haven't had that issue other than the one time however. Car has 129,000kms on it. From what I've read on this site and others, it seems that it is a common issue to have a hole wear through the clutch fork. I moved the actuator rod a bit by hand and it feels as though there may be a hole forming, would've taken the actuator off to look today but left a 3/8 ratchet extension at home so was unable to get to the bolts. Going to investigate tomorrow as I can't work on the car at home (strata owned building and strict on rules) and the metal fab shop I work at closes at 5pm on weekends, but I'm almost certain there's a hole developing on the shift fork. Knowing it's only a bandaid fix, I have machined up a part for the end of the push rod using a brass 1/4 inch flare cap, rounded it off to an outer diameter variance of 13.81-13.92mm (basically removed the hex pattern for the wrench) and inner diameter bored out to a variance of 10.03-10.07mm. Question I've got is, what grease should I apply to the end of the rod end that contacts the fork upon reinstallation? I've got some all purpose grease as well as high heat ceramic brake grease at home, leaning toward the ceramic stuff, but looking for input. I was going to use either JB weld or 2ton 2 part epoxy to attach this cap to the pushrod on the actuator, thoughts? Also, what other items regarding the clutch system as a whole should I look and and try to diagnose? Rpm sensor? Wires all appear fine and intact, connections seem clean and not corroded. Not looking to get the fork replaced yet as I've got turbo/EGR issues to be diagnosed by a mechanic (going to hold star automotive in Chilliwack on Friday for that issue), hoping to get this transmission issue dealt with for the short term until I get other stuff sorted. Video is of the part I machined up today, should work fine right?
  2. Hey all! New to this site here, so much invaluable info pertaining to these little cars which is awesome! This is my little guy Duke, picked him up in April this year and been a blast driving it around. Just the bare bones pure model. Already racked up 18,000kms nearly trouble free! Looking forward to learning more about these cars, planning on keeping this one for the foreseeable future.