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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been lurking here for the past week, and decided to make an account to hopefully get a few questions answered. Most of the relevant information I've found is coming from 2012, so I am hoping there have been new developments/discoveries. I am the significant other (read mechanic/detailer) of a 2006 fortwo cdi owner in the US. The car was purchased on ebay from a dealer in Ohio who imported it from Canada and changed it to meet DOT standards. We were originally living in Colorado (euro diesel mecca of the western US, outside of the Pacific Northwest) but recently moved to Mississippi (taint of the US) for graduate school (masters for me and DVM for her). There is NO European car scene here, especially not for diesels. We had a terrible time finding a shop qualified to work on the thing. I am a long time VW/Audi enthusiast (try not to hold it against me) and will be swapping a 1.9 TDI into my Toyota 4Runner by this time next year (if everything goes reasonably according to plan) but am completely new to Mercedes/Smart. Her car is a piece of "work". It is currently on ramps in the driveway because it won't start. It will crank just fine and will occasionally let out a little put, but won't start. I am reasonably certain that it is the crank position sensor, but because of all of the Canadian EGR nonsense I am having a devil of a time getting to the darn thing. The low beams of the headlight do not work because of the drastically undersized wiring coming from the SAM burning up (which after seeing the hack job done on the stereo, I had erroneously blamed on the former owner). I will be taking care of that soon, I want to wait until the rest of the work is done. It needs new reluctor rings (I sourced an aftermarket set from the UK), and I am trying to talk her into a Malone tune, but the closest tuner is 2 states away. The good news is that is has just under 100,000 miles, an AEM dryflow panel filter, powerstop rotors and pads, an aftermarket stereo headunit with bluetooth calling ( had to source a reverse harness and trim surround from LATVIA), and brand new headlights (imported from, its a Canadian car) and (modified) projector lens fog lights waiting to be installed. The greatest improvement I have seen was when I replaced the battery to ground wire with a 2 ga cable along with appropriate sanding and dielectric grease. If you haven't done it, I highly recommend it. That is about all she has let me do so far. We bought the car because she has always liked them, and once we found that there was a diesel option and that it could run biodiesel it became a "must" purchase. I am a chemist (among other things) and dabble in biodiesel at home. I have yet to run anything but a test generator with it (I don't have a centrifuge to truly get rid of the particulate matter that could clog the injectors) but once I find the right deal, her fuel tank will be filled at home (don't tell the Uncle Sam).
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a complete set of rims mounted with winter tires. The vehicle is a 2005 Smart ForTwo cdi. Canadians: We're located in Rochester, NY USA. It's 3 hours from Toronto. We'd be willing to meet near the border or we could potentially drive into Ontario to get the wheels. Please drop me an email or send a PM if you have a set! Many thanks! Steve
  3. I have just started up a USA G&K conversion registry. 1023 of the 2004, 2005, 2006 and a few so-called 2007 models were converted by G&K. So far, I have 50 cars on the list, so about 5%. If anyone in the USA can help me with spotting these cars, it would be great. Ideally, information needed is the last 6 of the VIN, whether it is a cabrio or not, and some other information like location and colours. For starters, here is what I have to date: WME4503321J155527 WME4504321J171887 WME4504321J175367 WME4504321J175916 WME4503321J198842 WME4503321J207092 WME4503321J208493 WME4503321J211111 WME4503321J218784 WME4503321J219450 WME4503321J219555 WME4504321J219691 WME4503321J224223 WME4504321J226196 WME4503321J233219 WME4503321J233372 WME4504321J235492 WME4504321J236013 WME4504321J236776 WME4503321J242542 WME4504321J242900 WME4503321J243149 WME4503321J243333 WME4503321J245247 WME4503321J245878 WME4503321J247234 WME4503321J247629 WME4503321J248354 WME4503321J249973 WME4503321J250320 WME4503321J250673 WME4503321J251422 WME4503321J251434 WME4503321J251807 WME4503321J252566 WME4503321J253439 WME4504321J255819 WME4503321J261233 WME4503321J263030 WME4503321J263299 WME4503321J264052 WME4503321J278159 WME4503321J278957 WME4503321J279420 WME4504321J295664 WME4504321J295767 WME4504321J299840 WME4504321J303385 WME4504321J303881 WME4504321J305350