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Found 12 results

  1. One of my mirrors doesn't lock into place as it should it still functional but I want to replace it I went to eBay start looking . I founda lot of really neet aftermarket mirrors but they say they go up to 2005 K450 . What is the difference between that and the 2006 W450 . I understand there is some body panel differences but does that affect the mirror placement or mounting pad? Also does driver position matter when it comes to mounting mirrors?. They are both electrical adjustable.
  2. Hey guys I recently started looking at a 2006 Smart Fortwo, my plan is to do a 4x4 conversion into it or something like that just for fun. Could anyone help me out with where I could go to find all terrain or mud tires that would fit the model, and rims? This would be the first time I’ve put money into a vehicle and I want it to look awesome. Thanks guys!
  3. Crawling through the passenger door was not how I expected to start my day and I'm getting tired of it already! Driver's side door won't open from the outside or the inside. Any thoughts as to what may have caused this or how I can fix it? (2006 Smart Fortwo)
  4. Hey folks! New member and Smart driver here. I got my 2006 Fortwo in May (Diesel engine) so it will be my first winter driving him. Any tips? I have winters (Continentals on the front, Blizzaks on the rears) that I'm getting put on this weekend (along with an oil change). I plan on driving automatic, and I come from driving a 2003 Cadillac Seville (a wee bit of a size difference!). The Caddy was a tank in the snow and I was never worried about driving it in the winter, no matter the weather. I'm not as confident with the Smarty so please, ease my mind! I'm located in Ottawa and we had a lot of accumulation last year. Specific questions: How do they handle in heavy snow? On ice? On snowy, icy hills? What the heck are glow plugs and what does that mean for starting it? (I know, super basic. Bear with me.) Do I need to plug it in in the winter for it to start? And really, anything else you can think of that I haven't! Thanks everyone!
  5. Looking for a driver side mirror for a 2006 Smart Coupe Passion, even if it is just the glass.
  6. Hello Everyone. Just to introduce myself, I am the proud father of a 2006 Red Fortwo. It has been quite a journey learning about the little beasty. Sort of have been thrown into the deep end of it when someone decided to rear end it and drive away. Since we only paid $2500.00 it was a write off. Hung onto the remains and bought a not so pretty 2005 and proceeded to recreate our little red riding hood using the bones of the most recently purchased one. Once I sorted out the process and tricks in for the removal of the sub-frame/engine/transmission assembly, and what needs to be transplanted to make it all work I realised I was almost an expert on the car. Still a few things to do before she is back on the road, but looking forward to scooting around in our little red roller skate one again.
  7. Hello, new here...purchased last week a 2006 Pulse, Diesel, but it cannot seem to shift or move anymore. engine runs and the gearbox kind of wants to go but slips (?). There is a loss of engine and or gearbox oil evident under the car. As I have no idea nor a manual for the Smart, can someone answer me the following: Is the gearbox and engine oil filler the same (ie engine); what oil is being used in the gearbox, if any? And where is the fill spout located? Is the only dipstick one for the engine oil? Yes I know, stupid ...but rather than advise is needed. If there is an expert in Nova Scotia....would be great to hear of him. Perhaps I got taken and bought a real heap of junk...but it looked so good, haha... Pm or comment pls. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! Recently purchased a 2006 Grandstyle 0.8 CDI for my brother about 2 weeks ago, and am thinking of purchasing one for myself (1hr commute on south western ontario highways to Waterloo for school)... Currently own a petrol bug that just seems to drink way too much gas in comparison to the adorable smart car. Thinking of getting a CDI just for fuel mileage even though they are about 11 years old now However I drive a lot on awful roads to get to school and to get to work. Near Waterloo (back country roads) does anyone have any experience ? Also, any advice on safety ratings? My boyfriend is very "large truck" oriented and believes it's a death trap.
  9. 2006 coupe LR fender only, scuffed but not cracked (needs surface fill & repainting, or use as-is). During the minor impact, one of the tabs that secure it to the rear lower panel broke broke off (remaining two tabs are intact). The original blister with light fixture is included (fasteners are seized). Purchaser to supply all mounting hardware. Asking $75, pick up in Hamilton ON or we can arrange shipping
  10. Hey everyone! My name is Jeff, and I have been looking into purchasing a used Smart. based on my budget, I can afford either a 2005, 2006 or 2008. I do very little high way driving, but I do visit family every once and a wile out of town. I heard gas smarts are better for winter as they produce more heat that diesel engines, but I have no idea what I am really doing. I will attach links bellow with the ones I am looking at. I am a total car newbie and this will be my first vehicle. I'd really like it to be a smart, but I don't know the first thing about buying a used smart. Any and all help would be super appreciated! 2008 Smart: 2005 Smart: 2006 Smart: I am leaning towards the 2008 because I believe they have cruise control, which is super important if I visit family outside the city. Thanks everyone In advance!! I can't wait to own a smart; been a dream of mine since the first came here in Canada. - Jeff
  11. I removed a couple of hoses from my 2006 CDI. I did this to make space to remove the intercooler. But when I disconnected the hoses, a liquid came out, which it seems like water with coolant. Does this type of car uses water as a coolant? If so, were shall I add water to replace the one drained from the hoses???? Thanks for you help.
  12. Hello, Our smart's AC has been down for a while now. We looked into it, and we realized that one of the AC pipes is broken. It snapped at the right end of the pipe. It's dangling and it's been making loud noises whenever we start driving the car... We have no idea why it snapped and broke or when... We bought it second hand about 2 years' ago and it came without any AC already, but at the time, we didn't hear any noise and didn't realize that one of the pipes actually snapped... Does anyone know if there's a recall on these 2006 Diesel AC pipes? I tried looking for it online but couldn't find anything. If there isn't any recall, can anyone recommend a place to fix it and for approximately how much? Thank you, Lucy