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Found 12 results

  1. Please first let me apologize for not know for sure where this belongs. If anyone can move it or tell me where to repost it I'll gladly do so. I just had the summer tires and rims stolen from my yard and I strongly suspect it was a to-order job The tires were contis mounted on passion alloy rims with Ride-on TPS fluid in them, an orange slime looking material. No tire shop will touch them because of the fluid, and only smart cars can use those rims. So either the theives are very very stupid or they were going after me because they knew I had a smart car and they had an order for tires. I am in Saskatoon. The car these are destined for could be anywhere from davidson to prince albert. So while they're rare here, especailly the 450 models, it's still a huge market if it's to order parts! If you know of anything I can share with the police please PM me. I'll be keeping this open in a browser window for the next couple of weeks. Thank you. It's a terribly insecure feeling to know someone's got their sights on your baby.
  2. I've been having a lot of problems with my '06 450 CDI Passion. The battery light keeps coming on after the engine has been idling for about 10 seconds, and never goes off again. I took it for servicing, and was told that the aftermarket stereo & amp were causing a drain - not true, because I've removed both from the car. Here are some more details: I'm on my THIRD alternator in 3 years (replaced 1 year ago, car has only been driveable for 3 months since!!) so I doubt it's the alternator Brand new Smart battery installed 3 weeks ago, driven once since (back from mechanic, battery light came on about 15 min into my trip home) The only issue I can see with the battery is that the bolt for the bracket that holds it down has been sheared off (see red box in photo), so the battery slides around a fair bit, and the bolt hole is very rusty (I wire brushed it). Also, the ground connection to the frame is rusty as well (see green box in photo), and I cannot remove the washer, so I'm not convinced that the ground has proper contact with the frame. No error codes Used multimeter, battery puts out about 13V (I think? I don't know much about electrical stuff) Last week when testing the battery with the multimeter, I turned the car off. Then tried to start again, and got the immobilizer key on dash. Pulled key, locked/unlocked doors, tried to start, got the immobilizer again. Repeat x3 before giving up. 2 days ago, I brought my portable power pack and jump-started the Smart, started fine, no battery light. Let it idle for 5 minutes before unhooking the jump cables. Battery light came on within 10 seconds of removing the jump cables. I can't find a parasitic draw anywhere (doesn't mean there isn't one, just that I can't find anything) All fuses good I've also been having an issue for over 2years with a drastic loss of power when on the highway. The car won't go more than 90km/hr, even in 6th gear. I used to keep it in 5th for maximum torque. Replaced turbo TWICE, did EGR valves, replaced clutch, transmission ok, and no error codes. Please help me figure this out! I've spent over $3,000 fixing this car in the past 1.5 years alone, and I'm not putting any more money into guesswork. If I can't figure this out, I have to get rid of the car. I'd like to keep it, but I'm out of ideas on what to check or do to figure out what's going on. **Photo from Evilution
  3. hi everyone, I have a 05 450 Smart cabrio gasser... I didnt see where I could post for gasser so i went with diesel hoping someone could help.. I realize not many 450 gas cars made it to the states let alone Canada, so Im a bit out..orphaned.. ok, my cabrio 450 has 50k miles on it, self serviced and maintained, while driving home last fall about a mile from home it suddenly lost power and started blowing blue smoke out the tail pipe and oil all over the rear of the car, i limped it carefully the last 1/2 mile and shutting down I had oil coming out of the exhaust, and all over the rear. The dipstick reads low now, and after disassembly of the intake from the turbo up to intercooler i found oil right to the manifold, intercooler, and into the exhaust. I did remove the turbo, and there seem to be no play in the turbine or shaft , i know I will have to replace the plugs (all 6) and clean everything up. thats a given... I have read where turbo failure is common with 450 diesels, but what about the gas models? it did have the whine just before it failed which makes me think turbo seals, but how do I check it? I am a highly qualified mechanic, but this has me stumped. I have new plugs on order and will finish disassembly of the turbo tomorrow. it is a garrett gt12, anything else i should check? I dont want to get this together and find something else filed.. email me directly if you have any ideas, insights or questions. steve george
  4. **SOLD** (within 2 hours) Have a broken body panel? Get a full set of black body panels for less than the cost of one fender. I sold my smart car a while ago but I still have a set of black body panels for the 450 coupe (2006). The panels comes with a new set of hardware for installation and the original protective storage bags. Asking $250 or best offer. I'm located in Southern New Brunswick. PM for details. I have pictures that I will post later. ARTZ
  5. All parts sold as of July 19.
  6. Hi, yesterday my BRAKE and ESP warning lights starting coming on and staying on. Than I turn off the engine and waite for a while. So I tun it back on but the lights stayed on. I drive carefully but the SPEEDOMETER showed 0 (zero) and stayed there. The dealer of garage said it could be my ABS SENSOR. So I want to know what is right? What can I do with this problem? Anyone knows this problem? Thanks !!! (Smart 450 MC01, 1999 model)
  7. Hi, I have found a number of posts here about these mats. When I go to the weathertech website [] which seem like the best product, their model year doesn't go before 2008. Would these fit my 2005? The smart mats seem to not have tall edges and I'm worried they won't keep out the liquid and salt. I would also be very happy with used mats if someone was selling them. Seat cover are also of interest. Any recommendations? Lastly the luggage are would be great to cover. Any tips? Many thanks - Forgive me if these have already been discussed. I've searched around and tried to find related posts as best as I could. _S
  8. Hello, I'm looking for one or hopefully two FOBs for a 2005 ForTwo (450). I can pay for shipping if you aren't local to Toronto. I don't need the actual key insert or blank - just the FOBs are needed. Please send a PM or text if you have any you could part with. +1 585.201.8111 Many thanks, Steve
  9. Hello! I've got a 2005 Smart 450 CDI currently in pieces. I've gotten pretty far in tearing down the engine, but I haven't had any luck in finding torque specs, bearings and tolerences for the crankshaft. Does anyone have any information on the bottom end of the engine? My current goal is to rebuild the engine so that it lasts another 100k km or so... Is there any other major maintenance I should undertake with the car in pieces? Thanks, Mike.
  10. I have just started up a USA G&K conversion registry. 1023 of the 2004, 2005, 2006 and a few so-called 2007 models were converted by G&K. So far, I have 50 cars on the list, so about 5%. If anyone in the USA can help me with spotting these cars, it would be great. Ideally, information needed is the last 6 of the VIN, whether it is a cabrio or not, and some other information like location and colours. For starters, here is what I have to date: WME4503321J155527 WME4504321J171887 WME4504321J175367 WME4504321J175916 WME4503321J198842 WME4503321J207092 WME4503321J208493 WME4503321J211111 WME4503321J218784 WME4503321J219450 WME4503321J219555 WME4504321J219691 WME4503321J224223 WME4504321J226196 WME4503321J233219 WME4503321J233372 WME4504321J235492 WME4504321J236013 WME4504321J236776 WME4503321J242542 WME4504321J242900 WME4503321J243149 WME4503321J243333 WME4503321J245247 WME4503321J245878 WME4503321J247234 WME4503321J247629 WME4503321J248354 WME4503321J249973 WME4503321J250320 WME4503321J250673 WME4503321J251422 WME4503321J251434 WME4503321J251807 WME4503321J252566 WME4503321J253439 WME4504321J255819 WME4503321J261233 WME4503321J263030 WME4503321J263299 WME4503321J264052 WME4503321J278159 WME4503321J278957 WME4503321J279420 WME4504321J295664 WME4504321J295767 WME4504321J299840 WME4504321J303385 WME4504321J303881 WME4504321J305350
  11. Thanks to FlossyTheSmart, we now have an interactive smart 450 Registry available under the pull down menu towards the top of the page, just above the advertisement banner. It is labelled as Car Registries. Please feel free to peruse these data. If you click on a VIN, more detailed data concerning the car will become visible. We rely on our members in part to keep these data reasonably up to date, so please, if you have corrections or updates to offer concerning any car, send Mike T or FlossyTheSmart a private message or email. Disclaimer: ClubsmartCar (being the collectivity of forum members and other contributors to this Registry) provides all data contained within this Registry without cost and "as is", without any express or implied warranties as to their accuracy with respect to any data concerning all motor vehicles contained therein. This also excludes any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, such as in assisting in making a decision to purchase or not purchase a used car. ClubsmartCar has compiled all the information contained in this Registry in good faith. ClubsmartCar has taken reasonable care to ensure this information is accurate. However, ClubsmartCar cannot accept liability for any claims, actions and demands arising from or relating to losses due to the accuracy of any of the information contained within this Registry. Should you have any comments to make regarding this Registry and its contents, please send a PM to FlossyTheSmart or Mike T.
  12. My 450 is sold and i still have the original velour mats, brand new and unused. I kept the all-weather mats in the car year-round. If you'd like a fresh set, these can be had for $40. Buyer pays postage, or they can be picked up locally in the Greater Toronto Area. Shoot me a private message here. Thanks! -- 2014.11.21 The mats are now gone. Thanks, Bessy!