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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, We previously leased a 451 cabrio ED and when the lease expired we got into the new 453 cabrio ED. We've had it for just a little over 2 months now and I would like to share my experience with it and point out some short comings of the new model compared with the old. By all means the new 453 is definitely an improvement overall compared with the old, I see many other posters already detailed all the advantages. The purpose of this post is so new buyers/owners are aware of the short-comings of the new model, compare experiences, and hopefully look for ways to improve the issues in the future. Briefly mentioning all the obvious improvements on the new model: Ride Comfort, Cabin Comfort Features, Cold-Weather Battery Range, Eco Mode, Cross-wind Assist, Turning Radius, Quick 32A Charing, EasierPre-entry climate control menu onboard etc... which are all discussed by others in details and what makes it worth it to go for the new model. Let's talk about some known problems and issues based on my experience: 1. Steering Sensor Malfunction - Had this the day I picked up the car, generated a ESC code on the dash, took it back to dealership, replaced the sensor and that's the end of that. Did notice that the car was more stable in the wind after the fix so I suspect the cross-wind assist needed either the steering sensor or a fault-free ESC to be operational. Didn't really had the problem that long to confirm that. 2. Battery System Fault Code - Don't know if it was our luck or not, this code popped up once during a drive, took it in, they saw two faults registered "charging system fault", did a whole bunch of tests and cleared the code. They tried to blame it on the charging stations, I politely explained to them that no-matter what stations I plug the car in, the car should not register any code (worst case should just be not charging at all), that's why all the protective battering charging logic is built in to do. Anyways, so far monitoring it and it hasn't come back. Sorry picture was out of focus (it says "Malfunction, visit workshop"). 3. On-board CPU Clock Reset - Happened a few times already, the clock reset itself when the car was parked/charging, came back to a wrong clock afterwards. Note, just the CPU in the dash, the radio clock is fine. Brought it back to the dealership, they found a TIPS to fix this, they applied some firmware fix and I'm monitoring it now. 4. No online smart control app. We all know about this. 5. Climate Control no heat while plugged in. This was definitely not the behavior in the 451 ED. We were able to have the car plugged-in, charging, turn the car on and blast the heat, that was keeping us warm at the expense of a slower charge as expected. On the new model, the moment you plug in the charger, the heat instantly turned into blowing only cold air no-matter which setting you had it at. That means you can't keep yourself warm in the car while charging. Went back to the dealership, they said this is expected behavior, they had no other cars to show it was doing it as well, so I could use your help here to confirm if you have a 453 ED. What we see is the heated seats were still working, and the pre-entry climate control were still working if we turned off the car and set it, so definitely it had the capability to blow heat at the moment, just decides it won't do it while charging and the car in "on" state. Not sure about if A/C does the same, too cold outside to test. Would be really disappointing if they took this feature away on purpose. 6. Blue-tooth handsfree clarity. Not sure if it's because we didn't get the bose upgrade this time, but the new blue-tooth is close to not-usable. They other side can hardly hear us speak without yelling. Even if the car is stopped and not making any noise, it's still very noisy on the other end of the call. If other owners can please help confirm this, that will be great! 7. Climate control, heat takes longer to heat up the cabin. This is very obvious to us, we simply blast the heat the moment we enter the car on a cold day, the 451 would've heated up instantly (5-10seconds we would feel the heat from the vents), while the 453 would start blowing cold air at us, and only slowly heat up after 1-2 minutes or so. Eco mode was off. Again it's too cold to test A/C for now. 8. 0-60 km/h acceleration. Ok, this I have no way to prove as we never had both cars at the same time. Would be interesting if someone who has access to both versions can line them up and do a test. My personal observation is that the initial pick up of the 453 is slower than the 451. The specs don't agree with this and the only observation I have to back up my suspicion is the speed of power gauge reaching to 100%. When I put my foot to the kick box, the 453 ramps up to 100% in 1-2 seconds. Where I remembered the 451 would have done it much quicker (<0.5 seconds). My guess is that they have adjusted the traction control, it just feels like weaker kick on the pick up from 0km/h. Maybe reaching 60km/h or 100km/h time is same or even quicker now, but if it was a race to 40km/h, i would put my money on the 451. I feel most of these problems can be corrected/improved with some ECU upgrade(s). And my hope is that MB will slowly improve as the car gets more mature. Please feel free to share your experience as well, hopefully if enough people voice the same problems we see a solution sooner. Thanks
  3. Set of winter rims with tires, used for 2 seasons, some very minor rust on rims $250. Located in Aurora, ON.
  4. Hello All, I have a 2008 451 Cabriolet. A common problem on this model is the tailgate will sometimes not open due to a part failure. This is the second time this has happened to me, but this time seems to be different. A few years ago I had to replace the actuator, which required me drilling two holes in to the tailgate from the inside so that I could slip in a small screwdriver to release the locking mechanism so this step is already done. I automatically assumed it was the actuator again and replaced it, but it didn't work. I read in forums that it could be the microswitch, which is part of the handle you squeeze to open the tailgate so I replaced it, but this too, didn't work. I have checked fuses and they are fine. As well the front and passenger door locks work fine. I don't know what else it could be. Has anyone else experienced this? UPDATE: Can anyone tell me if when the tailgate is locked does the actuator engage when you grab the handle or does it not function when locked. Does this make sense? I need to narrow this problem down so I need to know if when locked it deactivates the actuator or if the actuator still makes that operational noise, but just won't open (I cannot remember). I am considering replacing the automatic lock mechanism on the right side of the tailgate. It's the last thing I can think of that I can do myself before taking it in to a dealership.
  5. Babied 2013 Smart Fortwo Pure only 38,000 km , not winter driven Comes with mag wheels and tires, a second set of winter rims, not used and stock rims with no tires Spare after market exhaust and may other goodies, vinyl can be removed The Car is in the Fraser Valley BC $6,000 or offers PM for more details
  6. Does anyone have a picture or diagram of where the outside air temperature sensor is supposed to be on the 451 and how to get to it? I have an '09 Passion Coupe that my mechanic has apparently reassembled the front end incorrectly on when they replaced my radiator fan, and the sensor is registering temperatures at least 20 degrees above normal. Also, any diagram/pictures of how the left front quarterpanel is SUPPOSED to be positioned would be helpful as mine is protruding and catching on the driver's side door and I suspect there's a part that they shoved behind part of the frame that should be in front of it instead.
  7. My '09 Passion Coupe has acquired an unusual brake squeal at low speed that appears to be coming from the front right, that only happens when I'm driving less than 20-25 MPH and does NOT occur when I actually APPLY the brakes. When I changed out the brake pads the first time, thinking they might have been worn because it had 65K miles, the pads were actually relatively new but I noticed that a millimeter of material on the outer edge had NOT been worn down, as though it was never in contact with the brake disc (I verified through multiple sites that the brake pads are supposed to fit the 451). More recently I took the Passion in for an overhaul after selling my late wife's Honda, part of which was supposedly replacing the discs and pads up front (they said the discs were corroded but the rear system was fine). For a few weeks there was no squeal but now it's back. Mechanic can't seem to figure it out. I'm wondering if the springs that come with the pads are not holding the pad down firmly enough to prevent the outer edge from protruding from the width of the disc when braking and if there is another unworn edge that might be riding the outer edge of the brake disc creating the squeal at low speed. Ideas?
  8. Looking for a set of used steel rims (or alloys for the right price) for a Gen2 gasser; with or without winter rubber on them.
  9. Hello Everyone. I recently changed my peeling 2009 Red Rally panels for a 2010 Chocolated Brown set. However, the hood wasn't included in. I am looking for a Black used hood, as my tridion is black as well, or in the extreme case of luck, a matching Chocolated Brown. By the way, the Red panels are available for sale, in case somebody wants to buy and repaint them. Located in Calgary-AB. Any help? Thank you in advance. Regards, Leo
  10. So today I noticed one of my DRLs is not working. So what could be causing it? I’m quite far away from the nearest Smart Centre so I would like to try and fix it myself if it turns out to be an easy job. The car has only 15.000 kms/9.300 miles to the clock so I’ll be pretty annoyed if they just burned out. It’s a 3 year old 451 with factory fitted DRLs.
  11. Hello all, I had the great luck to be away for six weeks, south of the equator Please don't hate me Anyway, after coming back to this -20 ºC and below weather, I was not surprised to see the (still original) battery in my car seemed to be discharged. Lights and radio worked but there was no way the engine would turn. I plugged in a battery charger for about 3 hours, plus an electric heater to make sure temp in the cabin (and battery) were above 0 ºC. After that the car started fine and I drove it for about 30 clicks to make sure it got enough juice to start again later on. All this said, it maybe time to change the battery and I had two questions: 1. Any recommendations on replacement battery (451)? 2. Is there a special procedure to replace the battery? (other than unplug old and plug new [such as radio codes, computer reset or such?])