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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this I apologize in advance if I make any mistake !!! I am a fan of Smart for a long while. I just bought from a dealer in Edmonton a used Smart Fortwo 2014 with a relatively low mileage. I discovered after the transaction that the car was initially a rental from Car2go in Calgary, which is not a problem. The car is in very good shape and works perfectly. However, I only received one key. So I want to have another one, just in case. I was in contact with one of the Mercedes dealer, here in Edmonton, and bought a key and expected it to be program too, however, then an issue arose. It seems that car2go, which is fully own by Daimler the parent company of Mercedes, use some sort of customized software for the SAM module of its car and the Mercedes dealer couldn't reprogram a key. I was then asked to contact car2go in order to get them to either erase their software or provide some information so the dealer can reprogram a new key and then someone else in the dealership explained that it may be only a matter of Mercedes updating their information about the car in their system. So I have another appointment with the dealer to try again to program a second key. But before I go, I would like to gather the most info I can about this kind of situation. While the staff of the dealership seem professional and honest, I would still like to avoid confusing situations where I could be brought to make unnecessary expenses. I'd like to know if anyone is aware of such situation, or has experienced it or if there are any alternative options to get a second key, should the dealer not able to program another one ? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks in advance !
  2. Car2go has had a mixed history in Toronto. When it started out, it had a deal with the Toronto Parking Authority where Car2go vehicles could park in any TPA "Green P" lot, and certain on-street parking locations. In 2017, they started an un-sanctioned "free floating" pilot on their own, allowing Car2go members to park nearly anywhere on city streets in the Home Zone (downtown), as long as it wouldn't get the car towed. They ate the cost of thousands of parking tickets. Many city streets have a wait list for parking permits, and many residents hated losing spots on their streets to car-sharing vehicles, even though several families on a street could be Car2go members, actually freeing up parking spaces. Car2go had been petitioning the city for an official "free floating" pilot project like they have in just about every other city where Car2go operates, allowing them to park on city streets with a special permit they would have to purchase for every vehicle. The city responded with an amended and restrictive plan that had a permit fee far higher than in any other city, and restrictions on which streets the cars could be parked on. And no more than one car could park on a street. The company decided that these restrictions were too onerous, and so on June 1, they pulled up stakes and left Toronto entirely. I suspect they were trying to call the city's bluff (or vice versa) and they decided to screw over their members, instead of finding an alternate solution, such as going back to the old TPA partnership. It's a sad development. Car2go was one of the BIG reasons I decided to walk away from my smart ED lease, and go entirely car-free in the city.
  3. I just bought a 2013 Smart Car. I love it, but have a huge problem. There is only one key. I thought I would be able to have a second one made, but no. This car was owned by the company Car2Go (two owners ago). Apparently my key is a spare. To program new keys it requires a master key or a replacement of FSAM module. That would cost roughly $3000 through Mercedes Benz­čś▒! Anybody have any suggestions for me?