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Found 3 results

  1. On December 06, 2014 I installed a Polar pad from Canadian tire. Installation was straight forward, the only problem is deciding where you want to run the plug in. I took a few pictures near the end of installation but as I said before it is straight forward. First picture is where I placed the heater pad, on the package it said for best results to place on the bottom of the oil pan, for obvious reasons. To protect the plug wires from heat damage and debris I warped them in Flex wire. You just have to clean and de-grease the oil pan, then scuff it up with the sand paper provided in the kit. The second picture is just to show where I ran the cable and where I zip tied. The last picture is just showing where I ran the plug in for easy access, when not in use i just tuck the plug into the adjacent hole. The Heater pad used in this install is linked below. Would like to give a huge thanks to Spider for the use of his hoist, made this install so much easier, but could be done with out one.
  2. Hi, I just joined as I bought a 2009 this fall and I an having a problem with the stick shift freezing. The temp has been a high of 0 and a low of -16 degrees F for the last 3 days and I have not been able to get it out of P. Finally today I let it run for about an hour with the heat going an then it worked fine. My question is - has anyone one else had this problem and is there a way to stop it from happening in the future. I have an '09 with gas engine and 90,000 miles on it.
  3. interestingly enough I had my cdi overheat on me in a very short time on a cold -29 day in Winnipeg, however has now happened for a third time. Cold started the engine not plugged in barely started. pheeww i idled the engine for 1 minute then proceeded to work and noticed i received my first bubble of heat rather quick only after 2 kms or maybe 3 minutes total engine run time. then received my 2nd bubble after another 2 kms.and only a minute later or 1 km i got my third bubble that i never saw once in winter especially one of our coldest days i knew there was something wrong aswell noticed no output from heater matrix as my windows refused to defrost with cold air. i then got my fourth bubble and knew i was overheating. so i pulled over and let it cool down. Now here is my question. if the cooling system is always circulating coolant though heater matrix regardless of the thermostat being open or closed. then why did i overheat with no output from heater? is my Canadian model smart cooling system run differently than what others have described on club smart ? on a day -26 and warmer i have never had this issue occur on a warmer day. and i will start to receive reasonable heat usually just before my second bubble shows on the cluster. my only possible explanations are my heater matrix flow is controlled by thermostat and i am having occasional issue with thermostat sticking closed. and my water pump has to be still in good condition if on slightly warmer days (-24) i get heat as normal. and i hear no belts squeal. so coolant flow through system should be sufficient. i am stumped. any other suggestions? or explanations?