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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have bridged the obd pins 5 and 7 to turn the esp off on my 2003 fortwo cdi. When I pulled the bridge out of the OBD, esp remained turned off. Is there some hack to turn it back on?
  2. Hi, I am having a weird problem with my 450 cdi. We bought the car and everything was fine for couple of days. Then all of a sudden when I started the car, the little triangle shaped light (esp one) was on, and when I tried to move it started shaking and turned off. Tried to turn it on for a couple of times in a row, the same thing happened. Fourth or fifth time I started it, I managed to get it rolling, but light was still on. Gear changing was normal. When I stopped and let it rest, the light went off and everything was great for a week. Today when I started the car in the morning the light was again on, and car was acting strange again. Couple of hours later I tried to start the car and light was off. Interensting thing is that when the car start without the light, it drives great, I can easily get it to 100+kph without light turning on. What can be the problem? Any ideas? Maybe bad battery?
  3. G'day, Does anyone know if pairing 165/60 rear tires against the OE 155/60 front will cause undesired ESP/ABS intervention? Last season's Hakkapeliitta R2 fronts are in great shape, but the mystery brand rears are done and Nokian does not provide a the OE 175/55 rear tire. 165/60 rear should turn approximately 12 revolutions per km less than the fronts, which is double that of the OE 175/55 rear. Whether or not that will trip the nanny system, I have no idea. Hopefully someone out there has tried this combination and has some feedback to share.
  4. Hi Guys, I had an error code on my 451-2009-Cabrio for the "P0497 evaporative system low purge flow" I changed the Valve and the reset the error with a Bluetooth ODBII. Once reset, the engine warning lite went off but now the ESP triangular comes on after few minutes i turn the car on I also disconnected the battery for 30 minutes but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks, Guys! John
  5. Hi, yesterday my BRAKE and ESP warning lights starting coming on and staying on. Than I turn off the engine and waite for a while. So I tun it back on but the lights stayed on. I drive carefully but the SPEEDOMETER showed 0 (zero) and stayed there. The dealer of garage said it could be my ABS SENSOR. So I want to know what is right? What can I do with this problem? Anyone knows this problem? Thanks !!! (Smart 450 MC01, 1999 model)