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Found 19 results

  1. FOR SALE BY OWNER: 2005 450 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabrio, 77k miles, located in Los Angeles. VIN WME4504321J221355 This is the original European Smart model—manufactured in France; G&K US conversion with all required/original DOT/CA modifications intact. Original owner since 2007. Red with silver Tridion body. Lovingly cared for, garaged, regular mechanic servicing; all mechanics records available. Removable seat raisers installed under driver’s seat to suit a petite driver. Convertible Passion model; rear plastic window recently updated. Minor cracks in rear and back fender plastic. Features: .7 liter, 3 cylinder Mercedes turbo-charged engine California mileage ~32–35 mpg (better mileage is possible in locales with higher octane gas) 6-speed clutchless automatic transmission, with choice of manual mode. Convertible top in excellent condition 33 liter gas tank Security drawer under driver’s seat Am/fm radio and CD player with aux jack to accept Bluetooth and accessories California car with no road salt or similar damage. Includes a car cover, car manual, snow chains. Helluva fun car to drive. Selling because it won’t pass California smog check, likely due to an ECU issue my mechanic can’t solve, and stalls randomly (mechanic also has no ideas about this ) $5,000 OR MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE
  2. Hello everyone and greetings to all from the UK. Bought my first ever Smart car. They look like fun and can’t wait to take it for a drive.
  3. Hi All! Just purchased my wheels before xmas, and this among other queries has helped me with a couple of fixes so far! Got 65,000 miles on the clock, service record last shows a service in 2015 at 55,000. 1 spanner service symbol showing, with a number of 511, which is gradually rising? is this the number of 'hours' past the last service? Local Merc dealer has a service package offer available, which sounds interesting, as payments are monthly and can include two services. Not sure my regular mechanic would relish working on this, or has worked on any before. So, I'd expect to be having to pay more than normal for a service anyway. So, tempted on this, as hopefully they'll point out any issues I should be aware of before the MOT is due in March. 1st issue I had to deal with..... The drivers door handle started playing up. Not opening... and then occasionally doing so. I had to resort to buying a spare handle & cable, and drilling the handle off the door as even with the magic hook I wasn't able to trigger the door opening. Turns out there is a lot of gunk on the lock too, and the issue was the white plastic retaining clip for cable was a little broken and had become partially detached. Cleaned the locking/catch mechanism out, and fitted replacement handle. Door closes and opens fine, just needs a little work on tighening the hinges or adjust the catch, as the door may have dropped a little and is not closing cleanly. Issues to tackle: Interior courtesy light.... there does not appear to be power going to this? Checked fuses... Light Button..... maybe related to above. It was detached when I bought it, and the corresponding plug didn't fit very well, requiring a slight adjustment. Now, the light switch is always lit when the lights are on, and the 'switch' part of it does nothing. Condensation on interior of headlights. Think that may need me to gird my loins on.... :/ Roof needs de-greening. Far too much moss/mould/lichen. I've got some protex clean and protect, just need a milder day to do it. Rear screen has a couple of holes. so maybe considering a replacement, otherwise got some good tape that seems to be working to keep the rain out.
  4. Price: $1,700 CAD Montreal, Quebec, Canada Key features: The only Smart Fortwo in Quebec* with a Clever-End (*that I'm aware of). The Clever-end was imported directly from Germany at a cost of $3,000 back in the day, you can still buy them in German for $2100 CAD (without shipping, taxes, etc.). See details of the Clever-end here: CLEVER-END / Double loading volume for the smart coupé type 450 With the CLEVER-END module, you can virtually double the loading space of your smart. The load space is doubled from 270 L to 540 L Custom front grill. Comes with a new trailer hitch package (never installed) and some random spare maintenance parts (filters, etc.). The car runs, but has not been plated on the road and will need an inspection. The parts alone are worth more than I'm asking! Please contact me at: Phone: 514-944-5384 email: Kind Regards, /James
  5. Hello, im running my own tuning company, and im just curious how people tune those 700CC Turbos (2006 Mod) if doing software what tuning tools?
  6. Hello, im running my own tuning company, and im just curious how people tune those 700CC Turbos (2006 Mod) if doing software what tuning tools?
  7. I'm from the bay area in California and I just bought my first car! I got the 2018 fortwo prime ED for $14.5k (pre-tax, pre-fees) with still two years in the original warranty! Do you guys recommend getting the tire and rim warranty, and the prepaid maintenance plan as well? I'm not sure if I made a mistake on purchasing those. I love the car and I'm happy that I was able to get one since they're now discontinued in the US.
  8. Hi! I'm from Portugal and I have a Smart ForTwo. I bought it 5 months ago but it's from 2003 and it's diesel. I've had some problems with the car but I've managed to get them all solved. Today I've started to hear a weird noise while I was driving and I got it on video. The noise starts and stops suddenly. The noise also changes a little bit when I step on the brake but it's constant: it's always there, whether I step on the brake, whether I step on the accelerator and even I'm not stepping on any pedal. I'm attaching the video that I got. Can anyone help me before I take it to the store? Does anyone have any idea what this noise can be? Thanks video-1572981008_Trim_Trim.mp4
  9. Greetings from Edmonton, AB! I own a 2005 smart fortwo cdi, I've had it for 2 years as of this summer. It is my daily driver and I love it!
  10. Relatively new issue with car. randomly stalls on me and takes several attempts to re start car (no engine crank during these attempts) for example, 3 weeks ago, car was cold, had been driving at 50kph for approx 5 -10 minutes. Car stalled when at a stop light, dash goes blank where gear is displayed and engine just shuts off. To re start car, moved into neutral, hand brake on, lights off, unplugged dash cam, removed key, locked, unlocked, attempted car start, repeat the lock unlock process 4-5 times. i have then driven 2 weeks no issues. car again stalls at stop light but this was after 30-45 mins driving at 60kph. no issues for a week today, car stalls while driving (had been driving approx 5 mins. Thankfully rolled to a stop light. there was no noise from engine until I applied brake at stop light, car shuddered hard and then gave all dash lights. Took me at least 10 attempts to get it re started. I then had the yellow exclamation mark light in dash, I pulled over in a nearby carpark and saw that this is an abs warning light? It has now disappeared since restarting the car. Apologies for long thread but does anyone have any idea what’s happening? My mechanic says no issues can be found (not a smart car specialist but deals with many as mine is from a previous business fleet that is local) any help would be greatly appreciated apologies for very long post
  11. Hello Everyone. Just to introduce myself, I am the proud father of a 2006 Red Fortwo. It has been quite a journey learning about the little beasty. Sort of have been thrown into the deep end of it when someone decided to rear end it and drive away. Since we only paid $2500.00 it was a write off. Hung onto the remains and bought a not so pretty 2005 and proceeded to recreate our little red riding hood using the bones of the most recently purchased one. Once I sorted out the process and tricks in for the removal of the sub-frame/engine/transmission assembly, and what needs to be transplanted to make it all work I realised I was almost an expert on the car. Still a few things to do before she is back on the road, but looking forward to scooting around in our little red roller skate one again.
  12. hi im a new member from Rimouski, Quebec.... looking for what the people, and, what can i do to upgrade my 2009 fotwo .... and sure, make some friends learn more about the smart!!! thhaanks
  13. 2006 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe Diesel Colour: Red panels with silver tridion inserts Odometre: 78000km Price: $6450 Location: North Vancouver Key features: - Meticulously maintained daily driver since 2012 - Recent work: front lower control arms replaced, front brakes recently done, annual servicing at Mercedes-Benz with another oil change per year at a knowledgeable mechanic - All service documents are available since 2012 - Vehicle includes winter floor mats and rear luggage screen as well as block heater cord. T I love this car and its not easy to say goodbye to an average of 4.5 L / 100km and a car of the "right" dimensions, so I would like it to go to someone as passionate about the vehicle as I am. Please contact me at
  14. So I decided to film a car review, offered granny a lift and asked her opinion about the Smart. It all was filmed in Moscow Russia. What do you think about it?
  15. Hello everyone! Recently purchased a 2006 Grandstyle 0.8 CDI for my brother about 2 weeks ago, and am thinking of purchasing one for myself (1hr commute on south western ontario highways to Waterloo for school)... Currently own a petrol bug that just seems to drink way too much gas in comparison to the adorable smart car. Thinking of getting a CDI just for fuel mileage even though they are about 11 years old now However I drive a lot on awful roads to get to school and to get to work. Near Waterloo (back country roads) does anyone have any experience ? Also, any advice on safety ratings? My boyfriend is very "large truck" oriented and believes it's a death trap.
  16. ok I have a few photos that I have taken myself in my travels with either my cars or ones I have seen. hope you enjoy. wanting to see if anyone has any other they might want to chime in. keep in mind I owned 2 450 smarts the black and grey is my older one (since sold to mother) and silver is my latest purchase in sept of 2014 which is the one I performed my access panel mod to. this is the day I brought my second 450 home after I picked up some wheel covers to cover up the missing paint on rims sometimes I come home and have nowhere to park unless know... im sure we have all tried this once.I bought a new lazy boy recliner and needed to get it home and my friend with a truck wasn't off work until the store closed so I improvised. here is my lift I use to service the car. has done me very well. thought it would be funny to see what a large spoiler would look like on the car. too bad I have glass roof or I would have bolted it on for sure! my friends all have trucks and all they talk about is how manly they are compared to my little wimpy 450 and they decided to cling wrap my car at 2am as a prank. needless to say I was late for work that morning and missed my coffee stop... that was a horrible start to a morning. but funny to tell the boss why I was late hence why I took a picture. decided I would see how stable the fortwo is at top speed and was quite impressed at the stability for such a small car. and finally the fleet of smarts. LEFT is currently mine MIDDLE is mothers boyfriends. and RIGHT is mothers or formally my car.
  17. Installed new door speakers this weekend and it went pretty well. I read a lot of recommendations for using the Polk DB651 as a direct drop in, but the Kickers fit right in with a basic adapter. I didn't need to remove the existing speaker grill, but I did bend some plastic tabs out of the way. The only issue was some confusion on the wiring. The online diagrams stated the following: Passenger Side: - Grey/Black: Negative - Grey/White: Positive Driver Side: - Green/Brown: Negative - Green: Positive BUT, As you can see in the photo below.. that couldn't be the case. I think, in my car, the Green wire is actually negative. (Identical connectors plugged into identical speakers, so left wire should be negative on both) So that's how I wired it (Green as negative). It sounds great and these speakers were thin enough to clear the window easily.
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a Key FOB for a 2005 Smart ForTwo cdi. Someone in Toronto will be copying it for me so if you are in the area that would be ideal. Please send a pm or email me if you have one. Thanks so much! Steve
  19. I've decided to sell my 450 cabrio base rack with dual bike holder attachment. I bought the bike attachment new from the dealership and used it exactly twice. The base rack looked like it had been used less than a handful of times when I got it from the original owner. It too has been mounted to my car twice, and the whole assembly has been stored on hooks on my heated garage ceiling for about three years now since I last needed to haul my bicycle. I need $200 for it and I can meet you anywhere around greater Montreal or bordering eastern Ontario, or I can ship for whatever it costs from Montreal. There is a slim possibility I could drive it to southern Ontario for the next GTA or Western Ontario meet-up, to be arranged. Note that this rack will only work with the 450 (2005-2006) fortwo, and will only work with the coupe with extra parts that you would need to procure yourself. Please PM me or I prefer iMessage to or WhatsApp to 514 979 5354. I do not answer calls to that number so lease don't try to phone it.