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Found 9 results

  1. One owner 2008 Passion, blue on silver, 84,200 km. Clean and in great shape except for clutch which needs work and cracked right rear reluctor ring. Always maintained by MB, but they want too much to fix it now for my taste so am selling as is. (we also have a 2009 Limited Three which we are keeping) No other issues, passes clean air and should safety OK once above items are fixed. Good summer tires on stock alloy rims, and good winter tires on steel rims included. AC works well. Have replaced starter, alternator, brake light switch, oil pressure switch (due to small leak) Transmission RPM sensor (which was not the problem with the clutch), Muffler flex pipe, etc. Asking $1200 as is OBO. From non-smoking pet free home in Burlington Ontario. More photos available
  2. My 2008 Smart Fortwo Passion automatic transmission has 128k and it had been working excellent, it is nice and in very clean conditions, I love it 4 months ago driving on the 403 near Toronto Canada with intense traffic, gears started to change up and down, up and down so in one of those standing still traffic moments I put it in neutral position and then in drive position and it didn't go, I turned off and on and gears didn't change from neutral; I turned off again and then it never even started again I took it to M-Benz dealership in Mississauga (Canada) for a diagnostic and quote and they said: Front computer to be replaced Gears motor to be replaced Starter to be replaced All this came to $3,500.00 CAD plus tax which is almost the value of the vehicle so they said it is not worth to do the repair The question is, can I repair the car in a cost -efficient economical way? Should I sell it as is? Can you help me and repair it? I would appreciate your advice
  3. Please first let me apologize for not know for sure where this belongs. If anyone can move it or tell me where to repost it I'll gladly do so. I just had the summer tires and rims stolen from my yard and I strongly suspect it was a to-order job The tires were contis mounted on passion alloy rims with Ride-on TPS fluid in them, an orange slime looking material. No tire shop will touch them because of the fluid, and only smart cars can use those rims. So either the theives are very very stupid or they were going after me because they knew I had a smart car and they had an order for tires. I am in Saskatoon. The car these are destined for could be anywhere from davidson to prince albert. So while they're rare here, especailly the 450 models, it's still a huge market if it's to order parts! If you know of anything I can share with the police please PM me. I'll be keeping this open in a browser window for the next couple of weeks. Thank you. It's a terribly insecure feeling to know someone's got their sights on your baby.
  4. I sold my beloved smartie and am missing it terribly. I love that car. I would like another one just like the other one, but mine stopped starting and no one here knew how to fix it. If you have already addressed that common starting problem and you have a low km excellent condition car, I am most interested. Hoping for under 4 thousand. Keith, I would love your red one, but it is just more than my budget. Thank you.
  5. can anyone help? my smart city passion 2003 has one headlight lamp not working, i have taken the front off the car and taken both lights out, I swapped them over and the faulty one worked fine on the other side.
  6. 2006 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe Diesel Colour: Red panels with silver tridion inserts Odometre: 78000km Price: $6450 Location: North Vancouver Key features: - Meticulously maintained daily driver since 2012 - Recent work: front lower control arms replaced, front brakes recently done, annual servicing at Mercedes-Benz with another oil change per year at a knowledgeable mechanic - All service documents are available since 2012 - Vehicle includes winter floor mats and rear luggage screen as well as block heater cord. T I love this car and its not easy to say goodbye to an average of 4.5 L / 100km and a car of the "right" dimensions, so I would like it to go to someone as passionate about the vehicle as I am. Please contact me at
  7. My '09 Passion Coupe has acquired an unusual brake squeal at low speed that appears to be coming from the front right, that only happens when I'm driving less than 20-25 MPH and does NOT occur when I actually APPLY the brakes. When I changed out the brake pads the first time, thinking they might have been worn because it had 65K miles, the pads were actually relatively new but I noticed that a millimeter of material on the outer edge had NOT been worn down, as though it was never in contact with the brake disc (I verified through multiple sites that the brake pads are supposed to fit the 451). More recently I took the Passion in for an overhaul after selling my late wife's Honda, part of which was supposedly replacing the discs and pads up front (they said the discs were corroded but the rear system was fine). For a few weeks there was no squeal but now it's back. Mechanic can't seem to figure it out. I'm wondering if the springs that come with the pads are not holding the pad down firmly enough to prevent the outer edge from protruding from the width of the disc when braking and if there is another unworn edge that might be riding the outer edge of the brake disc creating the squeal at low speed. Ideas?
  8. My 2008 smart passion won't go into park. This just happened today. I was coming home and pulled into my driveway and put the car in park and instead of showing P on the dash it showed a blinking N. It drives and shifts fine. I moved through the gears a few times and still comes up a blinking N. After trying a few times I left it in park with the N still blinking and let off the break to see if it would roll back and it didn't. It felt as if it was in park. I also can not remove the key. It will not turn all the way back to the removal position. That really bothers me because I only have one key right now and have to leave it unlocked. The car will not start in the park position. I have to move the shifter to neutral in order to start the car. On another note when in N, R, or D the small lights what show what gear you are in near the bottom of the shifter come on, but the small P does not light up when I put it in park. Any ideas what could be the problem?
  9. 2008 Smart Car for two Passion Convertible Orange / Black Convertible Heated Seats Air Conditioning 129,000 kms Excellent Condition New Tires put on today Oil change just done Very well maintained Please email with any interest or to see the car or 604-715-0033 Thanks!