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Found 24 results

  1. What do people think this is? Im going to say its either oil pick up or its a passage for crank case pressure to rise up and into the head to be passed out through the breather pipe. Cdi, 2010,
  2. Hello I'm parting out my 2005 smart fortwo cdi. One of the valves got damaged from the rocker and it isn't worth fixing anymore. Besides that everything else worked great. 2 of 3 injectors were recently rebuilt. New crank sensor. New fuel regulator. High pressure pump still cranks at 379 bar. Alternator and starter both work great. Summer tires on alloys and winter tires on steelies. Turbo, muffler. Let me know what you need and we can work something out! Everything is available still!
  3. Hi could anyone possibly tell me if the gb-10 version of the smart car is worth buying at what would u expect to pay for one are they really as rare as they say cheers 👍
  4. Hi everyone, I'm having a little issue WITH my smart 451 pulse . Recently I went out on highway like 70km only , but once in The night I was back on my hood, I heard my brakes were slightly pressed on. it doesn't deccelerate the car too much to become an annoying issue, but I wanna Ensure what's happening before it's too late (expensive) to repair It.
  5. Hi I am wondering i am wondering if anyone has instructions as to how to replace cables and gears for a 2002 450 Smart FourTwo cabriolet window regulator/lifter - have the kit already
  6. Just became a Smart owner. Nice little 2014 Brabus with 24,000 miles. Plan to lower, install ground effects, rear wing, wider stance. car has some nice one off graphics.
  7. Is there someone who can tell when it is normal to loose a bar (from 3 to 2 bars)? I bought the car 2 months ago (it's a 2016 ED) and since last Friday I noticed I am loosing a bar even above 30% charge and did not have that before even below - 10C. Can you tell the behavior of those 3 bars? (or do you know a post that explain this?) Thanks Marc
  9. So first I sold my baby 450 cdi 2005 and I made 130000 km ( now car have 180000 km). I want to buy newer one 451 cdi, I already own one with 45 hp and it is good. Now I wish to buy 54 hp, I read about dpf problem so I want to ask cen I remove dpf and make remap and I sort that problem and how is that engine is it good or 45 hp is better. Price is 100 eur more for used one. It have 100000 km 2012 year. This is my old one (red one diesel) And white one I have my women drives 461 cdi 45 hp) So I won't to be faster and buy 54 hp cdi😁 Many thanks for helping me.
  10. Hello, im running my own tuning company, and im just curious how people tune those 700CC Turbos (2006 Mod) if doing software what tuning tools?
  11. Hello, im running my own tuning company, and im just curious how people tune those 700CC Turbos (2006 Mod) if doing software what tuning tools?
  12. Hi , first time poster hope this is ok. So I'm having a no start breakdown. Car for over a week and me ah .. bout 3 days now not even sleeping well. Car started an shut off , hasn't started again since. Turns over funny sounding now. Like no fuel. My question is two part. 1- is there a simple pull this line and check for fuel anyone can confirm near the top of the motor (451) 2- is the scene fairly active in Toronto area? Around 10 million ppl in the horseshoe we should have at leaste 10 specialty shops or back yard club forum guys ? I can't seem to find 1 who's active , any contact information would be great. I'm in Scarborough, thanks so much in advance
  13. Hi guys, I am new in this club so I would first like to say Hi! To briefly describe the issue: my wife bought a Smart Forfour W454 2005 model with softouch+ gearbox which runs fine, except that does not auto crawls(does not move when I release break pedal) and sometimes does not engage R (it displays 0 on the screen). I was at a local shop, the guy scanned it with a MB Star, no errors on clutch module and the output was this like this(also please see the attached screenshot): The mechanic said that the the values are not ok and that indicates that the clutch is worn badly. Do you think he is right? The values are that bad? And sorry for posting here but I could not find a 454 section. Thank you in advance! Sorin
  14. Hey Guys, I sell cars at Automax in Sarnia and I've recently had a customer ask if we can install power mirrors on a base smart that didn't have them from factory. I'm wondering if this is possible as our parts car has power mirrors and the wiring harness needed to make it happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. Hey guys! Been absent a while here but with the warm weather about, my SO and I have pulled our Cabrios out of storage and are once again cruising around in smart style. Her 451 had a surprising rattle when driving that was very odd and would go away when the brakes were applied. So I diagnosed and fixed the issue. I decided to make a video and thought I would share it here in case anyone wants to check it out. I'll try to embed the video below. Now my question to you guys is, what would you like to see? I've got 450s and 451s here to work on and would be happy to go through any maintenance or repair procedures that you would like to see on YouTube. So if there's something in particular you want to see me work on, let me know by replying to this thread and I will get a car in and record the procedure for you as I have time. Cheers!
  16. Hi there! This will be my first winter with my 2005 diesel smart car. It's been extremely cold these past few days and my car has not been able to start. I was told that leaving it plugged in for an hour in the morning before work using the block heater would help. I got the car used and unfortunately I don't really know much about cars although I'm eager to learn. There's what I'm assuming is the converter on the left front of the car, I was told the block heater was sold separately and directly from Mercedes-Benz. If anyone could provide some insight on this (ie. pictures of what either would look like?) or provide feedback on how they keep their cars going in the winter it would be much appreciated!! Audrey
  17. Hello, I've got a 2005 450. I'd like to find a durable solution for mounting a smartphone. I know others want the same. I use a RAM brand mount in my work truck and it's fantastic. The RAM smartphone mount is here: The double socket extension is here: There are so many mounting options and so I wanted to put this idea out here and see what you all came up with. One idea I like is to use the accessory tree and use an extension to reach out from there. Another would be to use adhesive or screws to mount to the dash. What is the threading for the screws of the accessory tree? RAM has ball mounts with threads: Those that can be screwed into the floor or dash: Those for adhesion: They also have windshield mounts but I feel the windshield is just too far away to be practical in this application. Any ideas are welcome!
  18. Hi there! I couldn't find it online but does anyone know what type of battery would work in the 2005 Smart ForTwo? I can order from either Walmart, Canadian Tire or so I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  19. Information and registration instructions:
  20. So I decided to film a car review, offered granny a lift and asked her opinion about the Smart. It all was filmed in Moscow Russia. What do you think about it?
  21. -2009 Smart Brabus Coupe, Silver on Sliver. -Approx 38,000 Km -I would rate this as a 9.8 out of 10 for condition. -I bought this in 2010 and it had 16,000 Km on it. It has not been winter driven since I have owned it, always parked in a garage. -17" rims in back, 15" in front -Leather seats (heated) -Fully loaded otherwise. -Tinted windows -Just pulled the car of the road for the winter -Willing to E-Test and safety prior to sale -$9500 _located in Cambridge Ontario -contact -text 519-591-6507
  22. Hey everyone! My name is Jeff, and I have been looking into purchasing a used Smart. based on my budget, I can afford either a 2005, 2006 or 2008. I do very little high way driving, but I do visit family every once and a wile out of town. I heard gas smarts are better for winter as they produce more heat that diesel engines, but I have no idea what I am really doing. I will attach links bellow with the ones I am looking at. I am a total car newbie and this will be my first vehicle. I'd really like it to be a smart, but I don't know the first thing about buying a used smart. Any and all help would be super appreciated! 2008 Smart: 2005 Smart: 2006 Smart: I am leaning towards the 2008 because I believe they have cruise control, which is super important if I visit family outside the city. Thanks everyone In advance!! I can't wait to own a smart; been a dream of mine since the first came here in Canada. - Jeff
  23. ok I have a few photos that I have taken myself in my travels with either my cars or ones I have seen. hope you enjoy. wanting to see if anyone has any other they might want to chime in. keep in mind I owned 2 450 smarts the black and grey is my older one (since sold to mother) and silver is my latest purchase in sept of 2014 which is the one I performed my access panel mod to. this is the day I brought my second 450 home after I picked up some wheel covers to cover up the missing paint on rims sometimes I come home and have nowhere to park unless know... im sure we have all tried this once.I bought a new lazy boy recliner and needed to get it home and my friend with a truck wasn't off work until the store closed so I improvised. here is my lift I use to service the car. has done me very well. thought it would be funny to see what a large spoiler would look like on the car. too bad I have glass roof or I would have bolted it on for sure! my friends all have trucks and all they talk about is how manly they are compared to my little wimpy 450 and they decided to cling wrap my car at 2am as a prank. needless to say I was late for work that morning and missed my coffee stop... that was a horrible start to a morning. but funny to tell the boss why I was late hence why I took a picture. decided I would see how stable the fortwo is at top speed and was quite impressed at the stability for such a small car. and finally the fleet of smarts. LEFT is currently mine MIDDLE is mothers boyfriends. and RIGHT is mothers or formally my car.
  24. Installed new door speakers this weekend and it went pretty well. I read a lot of recommendations for using the Polk DB651 as a direct drop in, but the Kickers fit right in with a basic adapter. I didn't need to remove the existing speaker grill, but I did bend some plastic tabs out of the way. The only issue was some confusion on the wiring. The online diagrams stated the following: Passenger Side: - Grey/Black: Negative - Grey/White: Positive Driver Side: - Green/Brown: Negative - Green: Positive BUT, As you can see in the photo below.. that couldn't be the case. I think, in my car, the Green wire is actually negative. (Identical connectors plugged into identical speakers, so left wire should be negative on both) So that's how I wired it (Green as negative). It sounds great and these speakers were thin enough to clear the window easily.