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Rally: Sept 17, 2005: Hastings & Prince Edward Counties

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September 17th


Sorry, Spinner. no smart pix of my csar at the Sandbanks yet. We'll have to make that part of THE TOUR on September 17th!!


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PIck any of the 35 wineries in Prince Edward County, smart ones, and I'll arrange a smart winery reception(s) for the SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th Tour & Parade in Prince Edward/South Hastings Counties!

So far, just 4 smart cars have signed up:



3. mattdaddy (& babe)

4. spinner

To quote Spinner:

Let's get-a-signin'!

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Well, the 17th approaches, and here are the special events for that weekend.

FIRST, the smart parade at the Milford Fair. Yep, we'll be part of a country fair!

Milford Fair, Sept 17

Small town, cool fair! At Milford Fairground behind the Mt. Taber Playhouse there's a day-long fair with everything a little country fair needs. Hot dogs, pony rides, a hotly contested pet show, prize winning produce and always great country music. With craft tables and whacky games for the kids, homemade pies and impressive agricultural achievements for the grownups, it's a grand day out in the country. The Milford Fair has lots to see and do, crafts and contests and entertainment and delicious country fair foods. Come on down to "mill around Milford" then dance the night away at the legendary shed dance.

Ans, of course, it's apple harvest time in Prince Edward County. Many varieties available - we're putting together sample bags for all smart drivers & passengers!

SECOND, the OPTIONs. Yep, you get to pick, we do the work of arranging it for you!

Option one: tour of one or more of our 35 wineries. Check 'em out at: Included is the County Cider Company, making hard cider.

Option two: Tour of a microbrewery, the Glenora Springs Brewery at - Glenora. of course.

Glenora Springs, a new microbrew from Prince Edward Count. The establishment is located just outside the village of Glenora, where Route 33 ends at the Glenora Ferry.

Glenora Springs Brewery is a two-person operation, owned and managed by brothers John and Jim McKinney. They currently produce and bottle three beers: White Cap Premium Lager, Red Coat Pale Ale and McKinney's Triple Chin Irish Dark Ale. They're available for purchase at the brewery. These beers are available at certain LCBOs (in Wellington, Picton, Deseronto, Napanee, and Kingston) and on draught at local restaurants and pubs in Prince Edward County.

Option three:

Live Music at the Barley Room Pub

Waring House Restaurant, Inn & Cookery School

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night enjoy live music in the pub. Folk, blues, pop and jazz - it's a casual setting to enjoy great local bands and musicians on tour from all over Canada. The Barley Room serves knock-out pub food or step next door for something a little fancier at Amelia's, the Waring House's fine dining room.

Option four:

Train Show 8th Annual Model Train Show P.E. Curling Club, Fairgrounds, Picton

Sat (10-5)

Option five:

Prince Edward County Antique Show

A great big country antiques show & sale with dozens of vendors and hundreds of treasures waiting to be discovered. Is it really Royal Doulton? Can you live without that 18th century Turkish topaz toe ring? The grand old Crystal Palace is a perfect setting for this annual event with a little bit of everything from days gone by. From humble to magnificent, the goods on sale are always good fun to browse or to get into serious bargaining. At $3 admission it's super value and another excellent entertainment on this busy autumn weekend in the County. Saturday, Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Option six:Tour of Historical Belleville

Glanmore House, the home of Hastings County Museum, was designated a National Canadian Historic Site in 1971 because of the outstanding architectural features including the elaborate mansard roof, decorative dormer windows, ornate frescoed ceilings, sweeping suspended staircase and intricate woodwork.

On display throughout the house are original furnishings and a fine collection of art and furniture typical of upper class turn of the century tastes. The museum also displays various local history themes including a General Store circa 1870, a Pre-Confederation Homestead and an outstanding collection of lighting devices.

Belleville City Hall

Personal tour by Belleville's mayor.

Historic City Homes

A private tour of Belleville homes from the 19th century.

Option sevenThe Air Force Museum, Trenton

A private, behind-the-scenes tour of displays and aircraft from over 90 years of Canadian military aircraft history. From WWI biplanes through WWII, the Korean War, UN & NATO missions, the AVRO Arrow to the latest modern jets, Canada has had a long tradition of flying excellence. And they're here, with many planes in the outdoor airpark you can actually examine, up close & huge.

And a Halifax Bomber from WWII, raised from over 600 feet below the surface of a Norwegian fjord.

And our Cold War enemy: a MIG fighter from East Germany.

And a special feature for us as smartGuysnGals:

Our smarts will be allowed to park beside aircraft for dramatic photos! I've done it; now you can, too.

So, it's up to you, folks.

Which options are appealing to you?

Sign up for the tour, and state your choice(s)!

smart Tour-ists coming on down:

1. KyotoCar & Bonnie

2.Michael & Sasha

3. mattdaddy (& babe)

4. spinner


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This sounds like a very nice day and drive, but unfortunately i have to be in st.catharines ordering smart cars for the masses. :-)

i hope more people are able to go and represent the smart well, and make all your time and efforts in organizing worth it.

all the best!



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I need to drop out, sorry.

I had surgery last Friday, and I'm resting up this week. I'll need my weekend to hopefully catch up on a missed one last week.

Hope it all goes well.

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I'm going to have to withdraw too, sorry to say. I was hoping there would be more sign-ups for this to help me justify the trip. Plus, I've over-booked this month's weekends, which isn't being fair to my private and work lives.

Good luck with the festivities, and, maybe next time . . .


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