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We drove away in our long awaited Smart car yesterday. While waiting for the paper to finish up, I had a long chat with the General Manager and the Service Manager. Here are some points of interest on the US parts situation.All US parts will be shipped from their dealer warehouse in Tulsa OK. Our original info was that all parts would come out of Bloomfield. Not so.The hold up at the docks was for a loose cable retainer in the NA shifter, and they inspected every car before they signed off and sent them to the dealers. A few early cars were called back here in Michigan. Bloomfield will do a panel swap for around $280) USD labor, and can get panels quickly. I will put the question of Canadian cars service here in the US to Smart. I assume US cars are out of luck with MB Canada. I tried to price an extra 9 spoke wheel to be picked up in Windsor. My VIN would not work on their parts system. Bloomfield quoted $340. just the wheel, and no Idea when they might get such a thing. :P All's well though, I bought a 6 spoke spare tire and wheel through Tire Rack and saved a ton. :) A2Jack

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