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August 2nd 2008 Track Event

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Hi gang,

Just in case any of you missed the topic in General Discussions, I'm going to post this redirect here as well.

The upcoming event will be held at a driver training facility at the Pitt Meadows Airport. This facility will be about 500' x 1000' in size and will be runway quality asphalt. The facility is between the two parallel runways that run East West. The Trainers have a website at that you can look at...

...We can do a program for up to 24 people which would run from 08:30 - 16:00 or so, which would include handbooks for all participants for $3250. This program would have 4 - 5 Driving Unlimited instructors and would qualify each of the participants for a 10% discount on their collision portion of their insurance for 5 years if they are insured with Canadian Direct Insurance. We would do a variety of training exercises including vision slalom, braking, collision avoidance, lane change etc..."

Please click the picture below in my signature line to go to the sign-up list for the event!

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