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1 year Anniversary

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1 yr. Anniversary

I found and started my log 17-09-07

I have owned my 05 Pure since May 07. Through the club I found this great tracking site for fuel consumption. on Sept.17, 2007 I started using it. This is a very accurate log of my fuel consumption. My running averages are in my signature.

So here are some fun facts:

Total Distance:


Total Fuel:

1834 liters

Total Fill ups:


Total Cost:


For the last month I have been awaiting this date. I wanted to see how much I travel and things like CO2 emissions.

So on my way home from this fill up Sept. 18,2008 I was planning to enter this information. As you may note I am posting this Sept. 22,2008. A deer jumped out into my path. Smart 1 vs Deer 0 . I am off to the body shop to get an estimate today. Sorry I could not post this on the 17th.

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Congrats on the Anniversary! Sucks about the deer though, that's kinda weird/karmic or something or more likely just bad luck, hope all is well with you and with the car!

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