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hello my name is john and my task is to bring cars to this event to show the public what is out there to view that is good for the enviroment. since 2002 have bee bring the smartfortwo to the event . brought the first one in cdn to the show. this year will be at the art gallery in vancouver june 15 . i have mine an 2005 a workmates 2006 but need a 2008 and 2009 to finish the display. in the past MR would supply the cars but this year they don't have any spare press cars. if any one can spare the day an dwould like to have there car on display please contact my at . the set up for the show starts at 8am and finishes at 3 pm. the cars will be set up next to the olympic clock in the square . it would be great to have one from each year of sale . this trade show will also have the other goverment dept to explain what services they provide but many oue also looking to hire . the govt in 4 to 5 yrs will have a large amount retire and they have started the task of replacing their wokrforce.hopr to hear from you. just a few guidelines since you will be in teh show we would hope that you would behave in an manner be fitting of public display and be polite to the public which will ask you question about your car and may want to sit inside and have a look or get photo of them with the car.

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