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There is a belt dressing (I don't know the brand name) that can be applied to the belt which should take care of the squeaking.  Most auto supply stores should carry their own version of this.

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Hi, I'm Scott from the Ottawa area. My wife and I bought a 2005 ForTwo Cabriolet a five years ago while waiting for her hip surgery. We couldn't ride motorcycles and this looked fun. 

Our daughter claimed it for her own when she got her licence. She loves it. 

I've had issues like an alternator going, starter failing, water pump, and a crankshaft position sensor. Lucky for me, I'm a licenced Auto mechanic.  I dint know if I'd still have this care paying someone to fix it. 

I've joined this group in hopes to find a solution to my shifting issues and codes. The group has fulfilled my expectations! I'll post symptoms and repairs in a more suitable chat. 




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Welcome from an old X-pat Ottawa survivor....augh!!!!!   Too many pot holes for a Smart Car imho.....I still have family living there......it is a risky business visiting them as you dodge 10" deep pot holes!!!   Orleans and Gateneau.....the worst by far!

Again Welcome.....

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