Sam Woes, And How To Cure Them.

By Alex in How-To: 450 Model, 2005-2006, diesel,
So my passenger side headlight went out, no biggie, I've got the bulb change down to 2-3 minutes.But the bulb looked fine! Measured fine as well, so I checked the SAM as that's been known to have connection problems (and that's putting it lightly!).Yup, connector melted, pins burnt. I need to dig out my radio code, pull the SAM and do some surgery. Solder wires to the base of the burnt pins and run them outside to individual connections. Still better than what MB would do, a new SAM, new harness, programming, probably $1500 by the time they are done.My prophylactic cleaning and NoAloxing 100K km ago may have helped, but didn't make it immortal.At least I can do the work...Pictures and a description to follow, that's why this is in the How-to forum.Very late edit: Another very common problem is pin 10 on 11-3, which is for the low pressure fuel pump. Symptoms are usually an intermittent no start condition, when the engine cranks normally but won't start. Get worse over time, early on wiggling the connector will restore connection but it just gets worse.Even later edit: This whole thread is true and useful, but take special note of the new recommended permanent repair at the end.
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