A/c Needs To Be Topped Up

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I decided to "bite the bullet" and get it fixed right. I only drive the car in fair weather now, and with the temperatures we get in the summer A/C is a must if I am to make use of it. A working A/C will also help when I eventually decide to sell it.

I went through the same approach 2 years ago. In my case, the condenser was replaced because it was leaking. (The lines had previously been upgraded under warranty.)

The job was done by a VW specialist who was personally recommended to me for the outstanding quality of his work. (VW Autowerk in Gatineau)

I was charged 4.5 hrs of labour (the rate was $70 per hour), and the condenser alone cost me $584.00.Some seals had perished and were replaced

at the same time.

I remember that one of the parts that connects the A/C lines under the car (a coupler or related O-ring I believe) had to sourced from Mercedes, since this specific part was not directly provided by smart.

Grand total for this repair was $1,170 including tax.

Anyhow, I'm now confident to sell my smartie with an A/C system in working order.

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On 7/25/2016 at 5:08 PM, smartnhappy said:

Refill was done fast and done right, with R134a. Works great !! I can hang beef in there on a 32C+ day !!

I took the unused R12a fill kit & gauges I'd bought back to Canadian Tire for a full refund.

Why do they sell this s**t ?? How many AC systems have they fowled up ??

Everyone..... do yourselves a favour.... get it done right by someone that knows what they're doing, with the right equipment.


I already had the hoses and the redtek cans were on sale for $10/can. I think 2 cans($20 + 45 mins) and my a/c has worked well for 2 years(still working well). It struggles to cool the car over 36c but it blows ice cold. Better than driving to a shop, spending, $250, 1 day wait, then clean my car due to messy mechanics.


You are clearly taking your anger out on propane based a/c systems because you cant understand the basic instructions how to use them.


1)Make sure your ac system has no pressure(plug in closed off guage to low pressure side)

2) fill low pressure side with can upside down, turn on car and ac then empty the rest of the liquid into the ac system(as soon as the can feels empty close the valve so not to over pressure the system)

3) if your ac system requires more OZ of refrigerant add another can as in step 2 


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