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One of my friends made up a video on the Model T



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What an amazing time I had with the T from Aug to Dec.(I drove it to storage mid Dec)

I gave so many rides and answered so many questions - an experience for sure!


One little old lady (>80) asked if she could take a picture of the T - of course I said yes, and then she tells me her grandfather used to drive her to the beach in a T when she was a child. I offered a ride and she chose to ride in the back just like she did way back when.


Another day I was approached by a gentleman who gave me a T owners manual that he had been saving for years.


And it was fun going through the drive thru at Timmies!  A month ago I took relatives out for a spin, there were too many to all fit in the T , so I was being followed, and was clocked at 70 kmh!!!!


Last week she started when it was -10


Apparently the model T can be quite reliable as illiustrated by this video...


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Here's an old video about a large model ''t'' meet.

It has some good ideas for car meets.



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I had an electrical drain that I finally got around to looking at. Turns out the generator was bad. 

I took that to my rebuilder and they were having some difficulty dismantling and getting all the parts needed.

I checked out a supplier in the states  and they had a rebuild kit for $100.


Then I saw that they had an alternator that was a direct fit for usd $225. I decided to order it and I received it in 5 days.

In the meantime my rebuilder was able to get the old generator repaired and working for $120.

I decided to go with the alternator and keep the generator in reserve.


The alternator was an easy install and am happy to say that it works perfectly.

On St. Paddys day I took her out for a 20 mile run and had a blast!  No issues

Looks like she's ready for the upcoming season!!


ps. much easier to change the alternator on a ''T'' - 3 bolts and i wire to connect.

Compare that to a cdi (2-3 hrs)

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Just completed the first full season with the model T on the road. Today it was sunny and warm so I drove to the warehouse where she will be parked for the winter. Drove a lot this year and she never left me stranded!!!


Started the season with a drive around Elgin county at the end of May with the model T club. Also joined them for a 2 day drive around Lake Simcoe at the end of September. We did go to a few car shows but I find it more enjoyable to just drive around and see smiling faces!


The one show that was very special was the one at Parkwood hospital for the veterans.One of the veterans was actually older than my T - 102 years old who was still walking and told me stories about his time with a T. What an experience!!!!


The other highlight in the summer  was when we were asked to help celebrate the 100th birthday of one of our neighbours. The T was decorated, we took her for a good drive and when we returned we were greeted by her friends and a kilted piper. It was AWESOME!!!

This lady was so sweet and then she told me that one of the things to do on her bucket list was to have a ride in a smart car!

Of course I was able to help her with that!!!  And a week later I received a handwritten thank you note - the penmanship was exquisite!

We can only hope that we are in as good shape if we reach a 100 years old!!!


Coast to coast in a model T


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Well another smart car owner has been bitten by the model T bug!

Last fall I gave James A from Bayfield a ride in my T. Over the winter he started looking and yesterday he bought a 1923 Model T.


The only catch was that it was in New Hampshire. So on Friday he picked me up with a big truck and trailer and we drove the 1000 kms to get his T.

It is in great original condition and I'm sure it will bring him much pleasure..

Pics to follow.

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Today in London the temp was 8 celcius with no rain so I took the T out for a good run!!

We had a good season.


On the May 24 weekend we drove to Sarnia, crossed the border and went to Lexington where we met up with 43 other model T's.

The normal drive to Sarnia is an hour - double that with the T.

We enjoyed the CanAm meet but did have some mechanical issues. The wheel hub bolts had worked loose and I was missing one. That was easily replaced by a T owner who had lots of spares. Lizzy was also running rough but was able to get us home with no issues


My roll timer had become worn and caused the roughness. A new timer (us70)_ solved that problem.


In June my friend asked if I could bring the T to his grandsons wedding for the pictures. It was my pleasure as he had helped with the mechanical work 3 years ago!

On Fathers day I went to the local retirement home and took 18 seniors out for drives!!


The Bothwell auto show is a 3 day event that is held in July. I drove there and stayed with my friend who had just bought a model T.

We were in the parade, checked out the swap meet, and showed off our cars. We were interviewed by a guy doing a documentary.

Met so many people - a very positive experience!


Every Thursday evening during the good weather a car show is held on the Plunkett estate in London. I was chosen to be the ''featured car'' one evening even though I was the oldest, slowest, and probably the dirtiest haha!!


In September the model T club met at a campsite just outside London and the first day we toured Mennonite country and an air/car show in Tillsonburg.

The next day we drove to St.Marys, had a picnic in the park and went to the Canadian baseball hall of fame.

We were also in the local Lambeth harvestfest parade and car show!


Recently I was asked by a friend to help celebrate his wife's birthday by driving her to the party - it was awesome.


And then it was the highlight of the season - I was asked to bring the model T to the veterans car show at Parkwood Hospital.

There was a handful of WW2 vets that were over a 100 years old and were still able to get around and enjoy looking at the cars.

One of them shared a story with me. He told me that his father owned a 1927 T and was having a hard time starting it He tried the crank but it backfired and broke his wrist. Just incredible that he remember that after all these years.

It was amazing, and an honour, to see these cheerful gentleman who had seen and given so much in their lifetimes!!!!!



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Both T’s are pictured in Old Autos’ magazine coverage of the Bothwell car show (over 1,000 cars on display this year).

Photos show them side by side, and in the parade.

Glenn…. I’ll show you, thru my subscription, next time I see you.

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