''e'' Box Problems

By smart142 in Operation and Maintenance: 450 Model, 2005-2006, diesel,
In the past month I have had 3 smarts with electrical problems. The 3 bars of death, fuel filter light on, brake lights on etc.... Eventually the smart does not engage tranny and the owner is stranded. The finger has been pointing to the ''E'' box located just above the battery, affixed to the firewall. Took the cover off and this is what we found. Corrosion +++ in the lower part. Surprised the car even starts. It's a $404 + tax part from the dealer, and it needs to be replaced. Don't know if it can be repaired?? But what causes the water to get into the E box? I beleive its when the AC is running and a drain through the firewall gets blocked. Evilution shows how to clear....click here Highly advisable to check this drain if you use AC.
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