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The Old Car Festival,

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Dearborn Michigan.

This event has been going on for 63 years. It is held on the grounds of the Greenfield village/ Henry Ford museum.

It is restricted to cars made before 1932. click here Our own Diesel Dave (who now owns a Model T) said it is a must see event.

The cars are on display around the village grouped by year of manufacture. They are also allowed to drive around the village. What an AWESOME sight! The numbers and variety are mind boggling. From a Stanley Steamer to a working model of Benzs first auto , the old car enthusiast will think he has died and gone to heaven.

Liz, her mother, and I were there on Sunday afternoon and were only able to absorb a small portion. More time is needed to appreciate everything.

We did see a model T assembled in less than 7 mins by the Canadian Model T Assembly Team, took a ride on the steam locomotive and were in the reviewing stand when they presented a variety of fine automobiles.

Would highly recomend attending this one of a kind event in 2014.












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That looks like a fun event. Amazing the staying power of some of those old beasts.You know Glenn if you want a custom outfit embroidered for your self just ask. Not of course their team jacket but you know what I mean. we are in negotiation with a few other car clubs right now and they have some nifty outfits.Karen

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Thanks Karen but next year I will probably wear ''period'' clothes, check out these pics...



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There was an article by Bill Vance in last Friday's Times-Colonist about period hot-rodding of Model Ts. By period, I refer to the 'teens and 1920s. Apparently OHV head conversions with better cam, water pumps and other goodies could turn the humble Model T into a sports car that would do 129 km/h and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in around 20 seconds (as quick as a stock smart cdi, wey-hey). The car photographed for that article had a bespoke roadster body that made the T look as though it was a small Stutz Bearcat. It would be cool to source one of those kits for the engine and have a go at a roadster body.

Link to Bill's article

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