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Workaround For Time Of Day Rate Charging

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So, as those of you with time of use rates may have discovered, the firmware and sites are currently broken. While MB is sorting out how to get that update out here's a workaround that may help.

This is only applicable to a level 1 charger (i.e. the one in the car), but it does give you detailed power usage tracking. You'll need an internet connection, which I suspect you already have...

What I did was to buy a WeMo Insight switch. These are rated at 15A so they will work with a level 1 charger in a standard 120v receptacle. Amazon has them, so does Apple.

Out of the box the WeMo will provide detailed power usage statistics and can be configured to email them to you as a CSV. Either on demand or on a schedule.

Besides daily summary statistics and time on standby the device gives you power usage per half hour:

Date & Time Power Consumed for past 30 mins (kWh)

2014/03/18 02:00 0.00073

2014/03/18 01:30 0.00075

2014/03/18 01:00 0.28829

2014/03/18 00:30 0.70779

2014/03/17 23:59 0.48966

2014/03/17 23:39 0.73392

2014/03/17 23:09 0.71119

How does this help with TOU rates?

The WeMo integrates with the IFTTT website, which provides a simple cloud based service to execute rules.

I setup two rules to activate for the lowest rate period in Ontario (7pm to 7am, M-F, all day weekends).

[*]Turn ON the WeMo switch at 7pm M-F

[*]Turn OFF WeMo switch at 7am M-F

If you need to instant charge during the day, just touch the button on the top of the WeMo at the receptacle to activate it. The IFTTT rules will turn it off again weekday mornings at 7am.

With luck and a tail wind I'll have my JuiceBox L2 charger setup to do this for me once its installed.


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That's a brilliant device. Only $60 - great for getting insites about power use. One thing to consider though when setting up for your level 1. The level one defaults to the low charge level (8amps?) whenever it powers on. So in the 12 hours of tou low you can only get maybe about 50% charge in the 12 hours. That's ok for my current driving patterns but if your battery is low there won't be enough time to bring it right up. Do you know if mb has actually acknowledge this as an issue? I had a very frustrating time trying to bring this to their attention back in November.

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