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Water seperator/ fuel filter light problem

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It all started when I noticed the light was on. Scary because that could mean water in the fuel.

Changed the water seperator/fuel filter - light stayed on. Haven't run across this problem before.

So I made enquiries at the dealer and was advised to check the connections in the passenger foot well.

Ahhh but what connection? Nothing obvious when I took out the ''black styrofoam block of death''.

So, up goes the smart on the hoist and off come the belly panels.

3 wires from the filter and they traced to the battery box.

Down comes the smart and out goes the battery. There they are - but now 5 wires and one of them is broken. No connector. It has been rem'd and the wires soldered together. Except now they are corroded.

Cut out the bad connections and resolder. Not as easy as it sounds because there is only about 3'' of wire sticking through the wall.

Got her done and voila, the light went out.

This smart also had a soaked passenger side carpet. The drainage through the firewall was plugged.

Water from the a/c had spilt back into the car. I'm sure this is what corroded those wires deep in the battery well box.




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I had the same issue last summer where the drainage from the A/C around the battery well box was plugged.

And I also had a constant wet carpet on the passenger side, which alerted me that something was wrong.

Luckily it was caught before any major damage was done.

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