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I've noticed a few people using the "Topic Tags" field like the "topic description" field that used to exist before, and thought I'd just do a little write up on what this is, and how to take advantage of this new feature in our forums.

What do they do?

Tags are like extra little keywords that you can associate with a topic. They are used when you use the search feature, as well as providing extra information in the topic listings.

Take for example, this post, about the 450 door latch recall, titled "Smart Fortwo Recall":

Note that it has the tag "door latch" attached to it. That helps make search results more relevant. In addition, if you click on the actual tag, it will show you all posts that have been tagged with the "door latch" tag. Right now there aren't a lot, just the few that I saw and put the tag on.

Another thing to note that can be seen in the same thread as above. If you look down at the bottom of the page, under the Quick Reply box, you'll see a box titled "Also tagged with one or more of these keywords...". This will list a few other posts that have similar tags. Could come in handy!

How do I add tags?

When you make a new post, type in a relevant tag into the topic tags box, then hit enter. You'll see that a little box appears around the text you entered, which can be more than one word long. Once that box is there, you can type another tag, and hit enter, and it will get a little box too. You can add up to 10 tags.

In addition, members with over 10 posts can add tags to any existing topic. To do this, look to the right of the topic title at the top of the page, and find the grey "Edit tags" button, next to the "Follow this topic" button. Clicking the "Edit tags" button will make a small box appear. If there are no tags attached to the topic yet, It will only give you a text box to add tags, separated by commas, then you can hit add. If there are other tags attached to the topic, you'll see those listed below, along with who added the tag. You can delete your own tags, but I don't think regular members can delete those made by others. This would be useful if you made a typo, for example.

Old posts have no tags!

Go ahead and tag up old topics! It can only help!

Someone's being dumb and adding irrelevant or inappropriate tags

Report the topic to a moderator, administrator or director, and we'll get it cleaned up. I don't anticipate this actually happening, especially with the 10 post restriction, but who knows, maybe Mike T is a vandal ;)

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