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Smartee Facelift

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Smartee was starting to look a bit rough lately.

A small amount of rust needed attention in front of the Right hand "A" pillar.

The entire front was full of stone chips, thanks to a freeway upgrade for the past 2.5 years.

All round scratches and chips, plus a forklift at work running into it a couple of times.. . . .denial all round.


I had arranged to go interstate for the birth of my daughters first baby so I extended my time off work to do this facelift. Total of 8 days working on it.

Every stone chip was filled in with blue stopping putty and sanded back with a block to smooth it out. The front looked like it had a case of the measles. (Sorry no pictures taken of this)

I have been experimenting with curtain lace, so decided to incorporate this into the paintwork.



Basic colour is a copper metallic a GM 2004 colour called "Fusion". Stripes/Lace highlights is in standard Jet Black.

Hope I don't have to do it again in a hurry as this time round more problems were encountered than the first.

Enjoy :icon_smile:

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Wow, that looks great! The lace is an interesting touch… very cleanly executed.

And that's a LOT of lights on the front end! All you need is a (MINI) ROAD TRAIN sign for the back! ;) I'd love to see what kind of light you're capable of throwing down the road.

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