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Installed Door Speakers (Kicker 41KSC654) with one minor wiring issue

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Installed new door speakers this weekend and it went pretty well.

I read a lot of recommendations for using the Polk DB651 as a direct drop in, but the Kickers fit right in with a basic adapter.

I didn't need to remove the existing speaker grill, but I did bend some plastic tabs out of the way.

The only issue was some confusion on the wiring.

The online diagrams stated the following:

Passenger Side:

- Grey/Black: Negative

- Grey/White: Positive

Driver Side:

- Green/Brown: Negative

- Green: Positive


As you can see in the photo below.. that couldn't be the case.

I think, in my car, the Green wire is actually negative.


(Identical connectors plugged into identical speakers, so left wire should be negative on both)

So that's how I wired it (Green as negative).

It sounds great and these speakers were thin enough to clear the window easily.


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You can reverse the polarity on speakers and they will work fine. The only thing is, if you one is reversed and the other not, you might notice some sound quality issues - even then only an audiophile will really notice.

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My own small testing confirmed that you're right. I did need to keep them the same.

I managed to pull various members into the car to see if they could tell the difference.

(I did the basic eye doctor test -- Do you prefer 1 or 2... 1 or 2... while I switched the connections)

It was no contest on using the green as negative.

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