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hi folks !!

I just purchased a 2016 prime with sport package. it possible to convert the rear drum brakes to disc? it possible to convert the single exhaust to the center dual exhaust as seen in the brabus website?

3.the front tires are 185 and the rear tires are 205...can the front tires also be 205 for improved traction and lateral stability?

4.can these modifications be accomplished by the smart dealer or brabus?

thank you for your help

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You could convert the rear brakes, I do not know of any kits available as of yet. There will be no benefit performance wise to this modification. A dealer will not do this work.

You should be able to buy the BRABUS exhaust parts, the dealer should be able to install them. The exhaust currently available will likely be of no gain to performance.

I do not know the maximum size of wheels and tires that will fit on the front of the 453. You could try swapping a rear wheel and tire on the front. The factory front wheel may be too narrow to accept a 205 tire. The dealer will not install non OE sized wheels/tires.

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