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smart cdi 450 225.000 miles problem oh HI

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Hi people not been on here for a while :lookaround: cdi 450 will not start, it stopped cut out while collecting Chinese 2 weeks ago!!!!!! how rude! started after 5 tries but conked out just outside my house 1/2 mile ive had it plugged in said glow plug problem replaced them and even hard wired plugs on to a jump pack as I thought it could be controller relay nothing


if I spray a little easy start in inlet it starts and runs on its own fuel I left it running for over an hour

I have read a few problems with the fuel pump (in tank) but I have changed fuel filter and checked pump an fuel primes on ignition?

crank sensor was changed last year

im thinking main fuel pump? how do I check if injectors are getting enough fuel pressure???

thanks for any help

Poor Noddy

thanks Si

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Why start a new thread here? Why not continue your own on Smartmaniacs which you have not responded to?

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