ED available in Laval PQ.

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why is there no posting of the consumption of electrcity per kwh to charge the EV between fills?

what about the lifespan and replacement cost of batteries?

that needs to be factored in the cost per km.

obviously for example if the batteries last 10 years and cost $7000 to replace then you should add $700 per year to the cost to charge

then the next question would be ...why would you give up a car that is the end all to saving fuel cost and is carbon nuetral? or is it?

Please read these informative blog posts, they are directly related to your questions, and are oriented to Smart car owners.




Grid power:

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Because fews people put link to fews website, but you question thoses sources.

From what i know, the battery of the first Prius generation are still good when the car reach the end of there life. Company buy it for use it for other think.

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All I am asking for is a link to the printed documentation.

If someone has that info please share it.

My blog linked directly to the Smart documentation, you just didn't read it I guess.

There are a number of us who have invested thousands of hours researching electric cars (like me) on this board.

Not going to spend any more time educating someone who doesn't spend 10 seconds on google, or read a well written and researched blog article.


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Blogs! are you kidding? Unless it comes from MB its only a comment, an opinion or an exaggeration, or even worse, hearsay.

Like I said, I posted links and evidence and detailed calculations on the blog.

I blog because it's easier to explain concepts once and post a link than educate folks like you that come in without any knowledge and make baseless claims like needing to include battery replacement in the running cost of the Smart ED in your first post up thread. It's just your lack of knowledge that makes you suggest that.

Try actually reading the links I posted, then do some of your own research, test drive the car, and talk to owners.

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