Battery replacement?

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I'm continuing my footwork re buying the used Ed drive I'm drooling about.

My only concern is, should the battery ever need to be replaced after the end of the warranty, a new one costs $18,000, which basically means a new car. :(

The battery is indeed covered for the original 4 years, 80,000 km, but the extended warranty does NOT include the battery.

Has anyone ever heard of an ED smart encountering that your-car-is-now-dead problem?


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The Smart ED has one of the shortest battery warranties of any EV.

Volt, Tesla, Leaf all have longer and more superior coverage for the high voltage battery.

In 3 years of ownership and being active on multiple forums, I have heard of two high voltage battery replacements out of many hundreds of owners.


I have no intention of selling my Smart ED prior to the warranty running out, as the $8K trade in offer by my local dealer doesn't appeal to me, the car is worth a lot more than that in terms of it's capability and practicality, and I intend to keep it long term.

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Not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, but my brother had a second-gen Prius, and the batteries worked as well the day he got rid of it as they did when new. I don't recall what the mileage was on it, but i think he had it for about 7 or 8 years. It was written off after the parking lot it was in got flooded.


I think we've grown so accustomed to the "disposable" nature of consumer electronics and their batteries that we don't consider how cars are held to much higher standards of engineering and durability. (See the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for an example of how NOT to properly engineer a battery.)

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