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I want t share with you a fix a i did to my car and has been working well since 75k.

The radiator had few small holes, this casued by the friction with the plastic air scoop.

First step, add a solvent to clean it inside and outside of the radiator and with a hose I poured lots of water to make sure no thiner residues remained inside the radiator.

Second step was to examinate with a magnifying glass the part that was in contact with the scoop, and found a couple of very small holes.

Third step, use a small file to clean the area where the glue will be applied, and apply the glue.

Fourth, since the radiator now is bumpy, I had to use a bigger file on the scoop to make rooom for the radiator to fit properly.

Fifth, also removed the EGR. It had lots of carbon, so I used a solvent again to clean it. The air passage was 80% blocked.

Sixth: Replaced the gasket that goes on the hose between the turbo and the air filter, and also the EGR metal gasket.

Result: Saved a lot of money (Spent less than 30 CAD), no more oil drips and my car is running great and still more economical in gas. I just checked under the car and the engine is clean and neat.

This is my two cents contribution. See the attached pictures.

Foto 1.jpg

Foto 2.jpg

Foto 3.jpg

Foto 4.jpg

Foto 5.jpg

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