2017 Smart Electric Drive production timeline/arrival

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I meant until I experience the actual range. I've seen countless ED video blogs where they're getting much better range than 58 miles.

Even Kamal said he drove 58.5 miles and had 30% remaining while using air con the entire time.

I just don't believe ratings provided by an American institution...

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Just put down $2K deposit on 2017 Smart ED coupe.

MSRP $28800

$3K in options

  • Black panels with "electric green" tridion $200
  • LED lighting $700
  • Pano roof $390
  • touch screen $1600
  • arm rest $125

Car is currently in Halifax awaiting certification.

Estimated delivery is end of September.


The Smart loyalty discount was quote as $500 (it used to be $1000).

Dealer first offer is a discount of $2K on top of loyalty (I consider this a "starting place" for negotiation).

Ontario rebate is $13K

Trade in quote for 2013 Smart ED with 25000 km is $8500.


Looking at ~$12K on the road for trade - up.

If it's worth $8500 for trade in 4 years from now, that's $3500 to drive 4 more years.

Not as good a deal as I intend to finally negotiate, but it's a stake in the ground for now.


Figured I had better put down my deposit for one of the first coupe's off the boat to reserve my place in line.

This car was the highest optioned of the list of cars for this dealer.

Not as highly optioned as I would have personally spec'd, but the color is what I wanted.


For reference, I've gone in to three dealers and priced out new cars:

2017 Nissan Leaf would only be $2000 more than the Smart over a 4 year period, as Nissan has significant discounts, and Ontario rebate is $14K (5 seat cars get the full rebate).

2017 Chevy Volt would be $4000 more than the Smart over a 4 year period, with dealer willing to budge only $1000 on MSRP.


Decision is made easier because we prefer the looks and go-cart driving characteristics of the Smart vs Leaf, and don't want to use gas and dislike Chevy corporate politics (anti-Tesla).


My plan B is a used BMW i3.   There's one on auto trader for $23K, which is probably $6K to drive over 4 years (after trade in and factoring in $3K of out of warranty repair/maintenance), reasonably attractive, but I prefer an in-warranty car for peace of mind.   I like the looks of the i3, and the performance is way above the Smart.   It's an option.   I've got a few months...

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