Buying a Quebec car for use in Ontario

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Hello All,


First of all, hello again. I have been a member for years but inactive for a long time. Hope all is well with everyone!


I still have my 2009 451 and at over 110,000, it maybe time to sell it and move to a newer model. I really like the 453s, but budget may restrict me to another 451.


Anyway, I find the market in the Ottawa region quite restricted, and it seems better deals can be had if purchasing from, say, Montreal. However, I know nothing about the logistics of bringing a car over from province to province. Any advise?


The information I have found using Google is very sketchy and talks about having to pay taxes in both provinces and the like, which would be a deal breaker most of the time. Anyone has first hand experience?


I did sell my 1979 Fiat Spider to a Quebec friend and going in that direction it did not seem to be problematic.


Thanks in advance!



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There's not much to it.  Make sure that you walk away with a bill of sale which includes:

  • Name & signature of seller
  • Name & signature of buyer
  • Year, Make, Model, VIN of vehicle
  • Purchase price
  • Date of purchase

If it's a private sale, you have no QC sales tax to worry about.  If you're purchasing it from a (QC) dealer, they may charge you QST.  You can request a refund of the tax from Revenu Quebec by filling out & submitting the form found at this link.


Registering the vehicle on the Ontario side is pretty much the same song and dance as it is with any other private vehicle transfer.


Edited to add: I recommend you get the vehicle's VIN before you commit to purchase, and have a Service Ontario office run it for you & report the branding.  QC's vehicle registration may not reflect that the vehicle was previously branded as salvage or irreparable in ON, but it will come up when you try to register it in ON.  Vehicles branded as Salvage or Irreparable in ON cannot be plated & put on the road.

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That is great advice dguy! Thank you.


Now the hunt will start... There is a lot available and need to educate myself :)



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One more tip if I may:


- If buying from a private seller, remember to ask the owner to sign the reverse side of his/her Québec Registration Certificate, as this is a requirement from Service Ontario.


I sold my 450 to an Ontario resident last fall, so this is how I know;)


Good luck!

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Thank you Da Shoumi!


I am glad I came back to this site :)

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