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I came across this site as I was researching for a smart car.  Cant decide on a newer 2011-2013 gas version or an older 2005-2006 diesel, any tips.


The gas has and the diesel only has 100,000.    I have read all about the maintenance that is  a must on the diesel.

I just love these cars and it will be just for running around the Victoria area

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Hi Kathy,


:welcome: to the club.


Another member was recently in the same situation (gas or diesel).  I have added a few pluses and minuses of both (below) and a few notations about the electric as well.  This might help.


The pluses of a diesel. - better fuel mileage and the fuel is "usually" cheaper than gas.

                                     - one more gear to chose from.

                                     - Lower revving engine.

The negatives of a diesel - the 2006 is now 11 years old.  It "could" start giving you trouble (or not)

                                     - A/C is often problematic.

                                     - Most people in city driving experience poor heating in the winter.

                                     - It is generally believed that the shifting is smoother on a newer, gas model  (personally, it has never bothered me)

                                     - you have to be a contortionist to change the headlight bulbs.

                                     - some have claimed hard starting in very cold weather, but since you are in Toronto, that shouldn't be a problem.

The pluses of the gas models - Theoretically, better starting in very cold weather.

                                     - better heat in the winter

                                     - a more reliable A/C

                                     - more horse power

                                     - slightly better ride and shifting (so I am told.. I have never experienced a gas model smart)

                                     - a more "normal" PRNDL shifter that is less confusing to newbies.

                                     - there is a type of "hood" (or bonnet) which allows easier access to headlight bulbs, W/W and brake fluids

The negatives of the gas model - It requires premium fuel (more $$)

                                     - higher revving engine

                                     - lower fuel mileage than the diesel

                                     - no temperature gauge

The pluses of an electric - no need to EVER stop at a gas station again 

                                     - silent running

                                     - no "herky-jerky shifting

                                     - fantastic acceleration

                                     - can be charged by either a level 2 charger (220 volts) or by standard household current (110 volts)

The negatives of the electric - Range anxiety (will I get there and back or not without recharging?)


Others may chime in with suggestions, but this is a start. 

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Get the VIN of any car you are interested in buying and have a word with Greg in the service dept. at Three Point Motors to see if the car has a full service history with them.  If not, proceed with extreme caution.  Three Point Motors is not cheap but they are the best place in Victoria to get smart work done.


For me the main determinant would be how you would be using the car.  If your daily trips are short, say under 15 km in each direction, then get the gasoline version (or consider an electric).  The diesels don't appreciate short trips, and it causes EGR problems.


Either way, get heated seats.  Though it infrequently gets cold in Victoria, the seat heaters are very nice.

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Welcome to the club! :drive:


IMHO - I prefer the diesel.

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Me too!

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