2015 Bosh Highline system

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Hello all,


This coming Thursday I will be picking up my 2015 Passion


This car is so different from my trusty 2009 entry model, I will probably be learning quite a few tricks as I re-discover a Smart car.


Moonroof, seat warmers, assisted steering... Those are rather obvious, but the most intimidating is the Bosh Highline system (yes, I am an old f@rt) ;) 


The first question is, given that it is a 2015, would the manual for the 2011 be the same? Do I need to even worry about all I've been reading re: updating firmware or the like?


Also, any advise on using an iPhone with the system?


If you'd like to point out other things I should know about this new (to me) car, PLEASE DO! 


Thanks in advance :)

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Check the firmware version once you get it and post it.   I'll check the version in ours (2014 ED) later this week.   I know we have the most up to date one because I asked the service folks to update it for the spring service.


The dealer should be able to run the update for you regardless.

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Looks like my firmware is v12.23, which I believe is the latest, is I guess no update will be required.


Thank you!

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