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Yup, you're right. Looking at it now on my computer instead of my phone, the wheels and the seat frames also help with the identification.

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Rebooting thread.

I was right about price, around $30K.


I decided to put down a $2000 deposit a few months ago for the top spec loaded coupe they had already put in for order so I could take delivery ASAP as my 2013 Smart ED was approaching out of warranty in November.   I'll take delivery just as my old car is out of warranty, pretty interesting timing.


$28800 MSRP

$3000 options (pano roof, LED lighting, green tridion, audio + nav + rear camera, arm rest)

-$2500 discount ($2000) + loyalty ($500)

$1700 fees (freight, pdi, admin)

Sales price $31000

less $7500 trade in


=$26500 payable

-$13000 rebate

=$13500 to pay off 


Their lease offer was $250/mo assuming the $13000 Ontario rebate was put as the down payment

Residual listed as $13000 after 36 months.


I purchased cash instead of lease, expect to be close to $220/month (taxes inc) with trade in after 4 years.

More flexibility to sell any time I feel like, which worked well for my current Smart ED which I ran right to the 4 year point.


Expect to take delivery next week.

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