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'TOOL' Yard Sale Saturday June 17 @ 9:00AM

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Saturday June 17th starting at 9:00AM.  Tools, garage stuff, carpenter stuff, contractor stuff, handyman stuff, etc, etc.

I started to set out items that I want to sell off to downsize to a condo, and I can't believe the stuff !!

Set up a sheet of 4x8 particleboard on sawhorses, but it's full to overflowing.

So... set up a second 4x8 sheet, and filled it up too.

A couple of folding tables and lots of floor space in my garage will handle the rest.

Things like.... 8 gal. compressor, pipe threader kit, Stanley socket set, 8 paded metal sawhorses (4 just now used to hold up particleboard, 4 still new), 2 x 4x8 sheets particleboard, 16" hedge trimmer, Jepson 10" miter saw + 3 blades, Craftsman miter saw stand and 2 Mastercraft outboard rollers (all new), 2 & 4 ton floor jacks + 12v jack (new), 3 sets of jumper cables, 4 platform dollies (new), 7.3l fluid extractor (new), assorted funnels, 2 workmate benches (new), 40 piece impact socket set (new), 500w halogen I/O light (new), 100/15/2 amp starter/charger (new), battery load tester (new), framing & brad air nailers (new), heat gun (new), Mastercraft cordless screwdriver kit (new), HD outdoor timer (new), impact wrench/ratchet/hammer (new), 16 assorted bungee cords, various lawn edgers, 5l gas can (new), gardening tools, 8l pump sprayer (new), deck sprayer, 9" calking gun (new), 5 rolls burlap & fabric shrub wrap, small ceramic heater (1500w) and the list goes on and on.

Tonight I'm going down to the basement workshop to find a host of smaller treasures. 

I think there'll be far too many to list, so don't look for a rundown of the basement goodies.

Please note that when I say 'new', I mean NEW in a box and unused. 

You might be thinking I'm nuts having so many new tools, but some were from my parent's estate and others from my brother's estate.

Others were from projects that I planned but never got started (check the dictionary under 'procrastinators'..... my picture).

Everything's in my garage, so weather' not an issue.

Address..... 3927 Southwinds Drive, London, Ontario  N6P1E6

You'll know the house as there's a comFree realty sign out front with a SOLD sticker across it.

If you know anyone in the trades or friends that might be interested, bring them along.  The more, the merrier.

Plan to come a little early to have a look at everything.

It's NOT an auction, but there may be several people interested in some items.

Pricing may surprise everyone.  I don't want anything left after Saturday.  Remember, I'm moving to a small condo.

Glenn can attest to my pricing..... he got a new Trivial Pursuit-Beatles game + a new Smart t-shirt for $5 last weekend.

Remember.... Saturday@ 9:00 sharp.  Come earlier to have a look around.

This is going to be awesome !!!


PM me if you have any questions.

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I found a lot of other items going thru my basement......

Dremel tool kit with extra fittings kit (both new), hole saw kit (new), plumber's auger (new), laser level with tripod (new), socket/tool kit (new), 4' bubble level, B&D jig saw with 14 blades, pop rivet tool + rivet kit (new), snap pliers kit + 225 assort. rings (new), grip-tite super socket set (new), B&D versapack drill, micro torch (new), cable ties-approx. 1,000 assort. (new), leather tool pouch & belt (new), auto wirestripper (new) assorted nails, screws, nuts & bolts, 500+ cotter pins (all in packages), elect. pencil engraver, 3pc vice grip set (new), Weslock deadbolt (new), Prestone 3/4" flush&fill kit (new), 3 hand floats (new), qty of steelwool, hand tools, fish wire, 12" polysquare, carpenter's ruler, hand stapler (new), sink wrench, glue gun + hot glue kit (new), 30w soldering iron (new), sawhorse brackets (new), 4 wheel/tire strand on wheels, 6'x2' pegboard stand, assorted garden tools, 7' ext window squeegee and the list goes on and on.  I can't remember everything that's there.  Space is at a premium, and I've got 900 sq ft of it !!!

Habitat 4 Humanity is picking up on Thursday afternoon. They're taking wood, building materials from my recent reno, old kitchen counter, light fixtures, taps, doors, entry sets & locks, garage door openers, hand railing, copper pipe, etc. and when they leave, I'll have more room to spread out the tools, and an extra table to do it on.

There are lots of things that aren't on these two lists.  These are just the highlighted items.


Ya know, I'm looking at these two lists and I'm thinking to myself..... Bill, you need some serious help with your acquisition phobia.  Or maybe just get off your butt and finish the projects you bought the tools to complete.

Either way, I'm semi-cured because there's no room in the condo I'm moving into to collect any 'don't really need' stuff.


So look at these two lists and you'll find something you need.... or want.... or just gotta have.

Do some price comparison homework on-line at CT, Princess Auto, HomeDepot, etc to find out what new items are selling for.  You'll be surprised at the selling prices of all my "new" stuff when you see them.


There's no doubt enough itemd being offered to get everybody off their a.... hands to come have a look and shop.

So bring a friend, a neighbor, your spouse and/or relatives, your boss, your staff.... anyone that might be interested.

Maybe a friend's birthday, maybe a spouse's Xmas present, maybe a hint to your husband of that project you want done.

Dont know what'll happen if 2 or more people want any particular item??  Remember, it's NOT an auction.

Maybe a fist fight?  Best falls 2 out of 3?  Flip a coin?  Rock, paper, scissors?  Maybe it's who'll offer more?  We'll see.

If I wanted to buy anything listed here, I'd sure be here on Saturday morning before 9:00.  And I will.... but I won't....??

If anyone sees my buying anything, use the bungee cords to tie me up and call 'tool collector's anonymous'.... please !!

Oh, and bring your own coffee.  I sold both my coffee makers at my first yard sale a couple of weeks ago.

((btw... I take milk, no sugar.  Just in case.... you know))





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I hope everybody can come out to my tool/garage sale on Saturday morning.

There's an entire 8' table full of items for only $1.  Items like 2 x sawhorse brackets or a new 2pc tire gauge set.

I've got a 6' table full of items priced from $2 to $5.  Items like new 5l gas can, new 30w soldering iron or 12v spotlight.

Plus another 6' table and another 8' table, both full of items.  There are also lots of items suitable to flood display.

How about abnew PowerFist fluid extractor for $20, a 4 wheel/tire dolly for $10, a full set of Chaftsman sockets for $40.

The most expensive item might be the CampbelHausfeld framing + brad nailer kit or the Craftsman miter stand.

Both are brand new in boxes and both will sell for well under $100 each.

Several items are bundled, like 120 rivets with the pop rivet tool, or a quantity of various shrink tubing with the heat gun.

I started totalling up the number of items for sale, but quit counting at 150.

Everything is inside, so bad weather isn't an issue.

You'll recognize my house two ways...... there's a comFree realty sign with an 'I SOLD' sticker on it in the front yard, plus my red Smart car will be nuzzled up to one of the garage doors.

And of course you'll notice the huge traffic jam from the hundreds clambering for an early look at what's for sale. :)

I hope to see lots of Smarties at Saturday's sale.  Remember preview is between 8 & 9, with the sale at 9:00AM sharp.

Have a safe drive everyone.




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