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Hey I'm not sure if I have any hope but I'll ask the question anyways and maybe someone can help me out. 

So I have a 06 fortwo diesel and it is a parts only title but it still ran fine so I decided to convert it into a buggy or go-cart. And because I took of the doors and the roof from the convertible I thought I don't need the whole heater a/c system, and the dash, the headlights. And more parts that I wouldn't need.. 

And I thought I'd make the wiring as simple as possible and I cut off all the cables I didn't need. And I kept on checking if the car still started and it always did. And it took quite a while to start it every few seconds so I just left the ignition on for a few cables, I don't know which ones, anyways after those cables It didn't want to start anymore.. it just shows the line on the cluster.. maybe someone can tell me what system the car needs to start or how I would check what's missing

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